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Research Methodologies in Supply Chain Management

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Table of contents

1. Is There a Right Research Design for Your Supply Chain Study?
Stefan Seuring, Martin Müller, Gerald Reiner, Herbert Kotzab

Part 1.Substantive Justification for Theory Building

2. A Balanced Approach to Research in Supply Chain Management
Susan L. Golicic, Donna F. Davis, Teresa M. McCarthy

3. A Critical Discussion on the Theoretical and Methodological Advancements in Supply Chain Integration Research
Dirk Pieter Donk, Taco Vaart

4. Measuring Supply Chain Integration — Using the Q-Sort Technique
Sakun Boon-itt, Himangshu Paul

5. Supply Chain Management and the Challenge of Organizational Complexity — Methodological Considerations
Stig Johannessen

6. The Configurational Approach in Supply Chain Management
Axel Neher

7. Conducting a Literature Review — The Example of Sustainability in Supply Chains
Stefan Seuring, Martin Müller, Magnus Westhaus, Romy Morana

8. Research Methodologies in Supply Chain Management — What Do We Know?
Árni Halldórsson, Jan Stentoft Arlbjørn

Part 2.Surveys in Supply Chain Management

9. The Role and Importance of Survey Research in the Field of Supply Chain Management
Herbert Kotzab

10. Web-based Surveys in Logistics Research: An Empirical Application
David B. Grant, Christoph Teller, Wolfgang Teller

11. SCM Research Methodologies: Employing Structural Equation Modeling
Cristina Gimenez, Rudolf Large, Eva Ventura

12. Structural Equation Modeling as a Basis for Theory Development within Logistics and Supply Chain Management Research
Carl Marcus Wallenburg, Jürgen Weber

13. Customers’ Perceptions of Service Quality by TPL Service Providers in the United Kingdom — A Confirmatory Factor Analysis
Harlina Suzana Jaafar, Mohammed Rafiq

14. Third Party Logistics in Thailand — From the Users’ Perspective
Pornpen Setthakaset, Chuda Basnet

15. A Market-Oriented View of SCM — Researching Criteria and Instruments in the Public Procurement Process
Edeltraud Günther, Ines Klauke

Part 3.Case Study Research in Supply Chains

16. Case Study Research in Supply Chains — An Outline and Three Examples
Stefan Seuring

17. A Proposal for Case Study Methodology in Supply Chain Integration Research
Teresa M. McCarthy, Susan L. Golicic

18. Using Case Study Methods in Researching Supply Chains
Marie Koulikoff-Souviron, Alan Harrison

19. Multilevel Issues in Supply Chain Management
Marian Oosterhuis, Eric Molleman, Taco Vaart

20. Cost Management along the Supply Chain — Methodological Implications
Richard Chivaka

21. Case Studies and Surveys in Supply Chain Management Research — Two Complementary Methodologies
Cristina Gimenez

22. Towards Triangulation — Blending Techniques in Supply Chain Management Context
Ozlem Bak

Part 4.Action Research in Supply Chains

23. Action Research in Supply Chain Management — An Introduction
Martin Müller

24. The Application of Action Learning and Action Research in Collaborative Improvement within the Extended Manufacturing Enterprise
Rick Middel Ir., Louis Brennan, David Coghlan, Paul Coughlan

25. Integrating Environmental and Social Standards into Supply Management — An Action Research Project
Julia Koplin

26. Supply Chain Diagnostics to Confront Theory and Practice — Re-Questioning the Core of Supply Chain Management
Günter Prockl

27. A Logistics and Supply Chain Approach to Seaport Efficiency — An Inquiry Based on Action Research Methodology
Khalid Bichou, Richard Gray

Part 5.Modelling Supply Chains

28. Supply Chain Management Research Methodology Using Quantitative Models Based on Empirical Data
Gerald Reiner

29. Of Stocks, Flows, Agents and Rules — “Strategic” Simulations in Supply Chain Research
Andreas Größler, Nadine Schieritz

30. Analysis of Supply Chain Dynamics through Object Oriented Simulation
Francesco Casella, Giovanni Miragliotta, Luigi Uglietti

31. The Potential of Cooperative Game Theory for Supply Chain Management
Jörn-Henrik Thun

32. Modeling the Effect of Product Architecture Modularity in Supply Chains
Juliana H. Mikkola

33. Heuristics in the Multi-Location Inventory System with Transshipments
Lars Magne Nonås, Kurt Jörnsten

34. Contract Typology as a Research Method in Supply Chain Management
Alejandra Gomez-Padilla, Jeanne Duvallet, Daniel Llerena

35. Load Dependent Lead Times — From Empirical Evidence to Mathematical Modeling
Julia Pahl, Stefan Voß, David L. Woodruff

36. Recovery Network Design for End-of-Life Vehicles
Heinz Ahn, Jens Keilen, Rainer Souren

37. Modeling and Integrated Assessment of Mass and Energy Flows within Supply Chains
Jutta Geldermann, Martin Treitz, Hannes Schollenberger, Otto Rentz

38. Socrates Thematic Network to Enhance European Teaching and Research of Operations as Well as Supply Chain Management
José A. D. Machuca, Rafaela Alfalla Luque, Macarena Sacristán Díaz, Gerald Reiner


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