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Earth Sciences and Mathematics

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Earth Sciences and Mathematics, Volume II
A. G. Camacho, J. I. Díaz, J. Fernández

2. On the Mathematical Analysis of an Elastic-gravitational Layered Earth Model for Magmatic Intrusion: The Stationary Case
A. Arjona, J. I. Díaz, J. Fernández, J. B. Rundle

3. Modelling Gravitational Instabilities: Slab Break-off and Rayleigh-Taylor Diapirism
Sergio Zlotnik, Manel Fernández, Pedro Díez, Jaume Vergés

4. On the Coupling Between Channel Level and Surface Ground-Water Flows
S. N. Antontsev, J. I. Díaz

5. Time Evolution of Deformation Using Time Series of Differential Interferograms: Application to La Palma Island (Canary Islands)
Patricia A. Perlock, Pablo J. González, Kristy F. Tiampo, Gema Rodríguez-Velasco, Sergey Samsonov, José Fernández

6. Improvements to Remote Sensing Using Fuzzy Classification, Graphs and Accuracy Statistics
Daniel Gómez, Javier Montero, Gregory Biging

7. Postseismic Deformation Following the 1994 Northridge Earthquake Identified Using the Localized Hartley Transform Filter
K. F. Tiampo, Dawit Assefa, J. Fernández, L. Mansinha, H. Rasmussen

8. A Mathematical Study of the Ice Flow Behavior in a Neighborhood of the Grounding Line
Marco A. Fontelos, Ana I. Muñoz

9. A Warning System for Stromboli Volcano Based on Statistical Analysis
Giuseppe Nunnari, Giuseppe Puglisi, Alessandro Spata

10. Potential Symmetry Properties of a Family of Equations Occuring in Ice Sheet Dynamics
J. I. Díaz, R. J. Wiltshire

11. Mathematical Analysis of a Model of River Channel Formation
J. I. Díaz, A. C. Fowler, A. I. Muñoz, E. Schiavi

12. Asymmetric Delamination and Convective Removal Numerical Modeling: Comparison with Evolutionary Models for the Alboran Sea Region
Juan-Luis Valera, Ana-María Negredo, Antonio Villaseñor

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Earth Sciences, general

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