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Drugs, Driving and Traffic Safety

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Table of contents

1. Driver health and traffic safety: an overview
Henry J. Moller

2. Worldwide trends in alcohol and drug impaired driving
Barry M. Sweedler, Kathryn Stewart

3. Drugs, driving, and models to measure driving impairment
Katherine Owens, Johannes G. Ramaekers

4. Measurement and methods to determine driving ability
Günter Berghaus, Ralf-Dieter Hilgers

5. Simulator studies of drug-induced driving impairment
Anthony Liguori

6. The on-the-road driving test
Joris C. Verster, Johannes G. Ramaekers

7. Epidemiology and traffic safety: culpability studies
Olaf H. Drummer

8. Case-control studies
Sjoerd Houwing, René Mathijssen, Karel A. Brookhuis

9. Prescribing and dispensing guidelines for medicinal drugs affecting driving performance
Johan J. Gier, F. Javier Alvarez, Charles Mercier-Guyon, Alain G. Verstraete

10. The relationship between drug use and traffic accident severity
Beitske E. Smink, Toine C. G. Egberts

11. Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs abused in driving
Marilyn A. Huestis, Michael L. Smith

12. The role of driver sleepiness in car crashes: a review of the epidemiological evidence
Jennie L. Connor

13. Sleepiness, countermeasures and the risk of motor vehicle accidents
Christopher A. Alford

14. Insomnia, hypnotic drugs and traffic safety
Joris C. Verster, Monique A.J. Mets, Tim R.M. Leufkens, Annemiek Vermeeren

15. Drugs, driving and traffic safety in sleep apnea
Mark E. Howard, Melinda L. Jackson, Stuart Baulk

16. Drugs, driving and traffic safety in shift workers
Monique A. J. Mets, Kenny R. Deventer, Berend Olivier, Edmund R. Volkerts, Joris C. Verster

17. Effects of anxiolytics on driving
Annemiek Vermeeren, Tim R.M. Leufkens, Joris C. Verster

18. Antidepressants and traffic safety
Joris C. Verster, Johannes G. Ramaekers

19. Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and driving safety
Daniel J. Cox, Margaret Taylor Davis

20. Drugs, driving and traffic safety in Parkinson’s disease
Yvonne Kaussner, Hans-Peter Krüger

21. Drugs, driving and traffic safety in multiple sclerosis
Sylvia Kotterba

22. Drugs, driving and traffic safety in acute and chronic pain
Dieuwke S. Veldhuijzen, Anne Mieke Karsch, Albert J.M. Wijck

23. Drugs, driving and traffic safety in allergic rhinitis
Eef Lien Theunissen, Annemiek Vermeeren, Eric F. P. M. Vuurman, Johannes G. Ramaekers

24. Drugs, driving and traffic safety in diabetes mellitus
Igor A. Harsch, Katharina Hoesl

25. Changes in and predictors of driving after drug use and involvement in traffic crashes because of drugs, 1992–2005
Ralph W. Hingson, Wenxing Zha

26. Reducing illegal blood alcohol limits for driving: effects on traffic safety
James C. Fell, Robert B. Voas

27. Interventions to reduce impaired driving and traffic injury
David A. Sleet, Peter Howat, Randy Elder, Bruce Maycock, Grant Baldwin, Ruth Shults

28. The alcohol ignition interlock and other technologies for the prediction and control of impaired drivers
Paul R. Marques

29. Dose related risk of motor vehicle crashes after cannabis use: an update
Johannes G. Ramaekers, Günter Berghaus, MargrietW. Laar, Olaf H. Drummer

30. Ecstasy, driving and traffic safety
Kim P.C. Kuypers, Wendy M. Bosker, Johannes G. Ramaekers

31. Appendix I ICADTS Drug List 2007

32. Appendix II International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety. Guidelines on experimental studies undertaken to determine a medicinal drug’s effect on driving or skills related to driving

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