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Modern Analysis and Applications

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Table of contents

1. Mark Grigorievich Krein (on his 100th birthday anniversary)
V. M. Adamyan, D. Z. Arov, Yu. M. Berezansky, V. I. Gorbachuk, M. L. Gorbachuk, V. A. Mikhailets, A. M. Samoilenko

2. Mark Grigorievich Krein (on his 100th birthday anniversary)
I. Gohberg

Part 1. Plenary Talks

3. Modified Krein Formula and Analytic Perturbation Procedure for Scattering on Arbitrary Junction
V. Adamyan, B. Pavlov, A. Yafyasov

4. The Schur Transformation for Nevanlinna Functions: Operator Representations, Resolvent Matrices, and Orthogonal Polynomials
D. Alpay, A. Dijksma, H. Langer

5. M. Kreĭn’s Research on Semi-Bounded Operators, its Contemporary Developments, and Applications
Yu. Arlinskiĭ, E. Tsekanovskiĭ

Part 2. Research Papers

6. Remarks on the Inverse Spectral Theory for Singularly Perturbed Operators
S. Albeverio, A. Konstantinov, V. Koshmanenko

7. An Approach to a Generalization of White Noise Analysis
Yu.M. Berezansky, V.A. Tesko

8. Some Existence Conditions for the Compact Extrema of Variational Functionals of Several Variables in Sobolev Space W

E.V. Bozhonok

9. The Moment Problem for Rational Measures: Convexity in the Spirit of Krein
Christopher I. Byrnes, Anders Lindquist

10. Almost Periodic Factorization of Some Triangular Matrix Functions
M. C. Câmara, Yu. I. Karlovich, I. M. Spitkovsky

11. On Generalized Operator-valued Toeplitz Kernels
Olga Chernobai

12. Abstract Interpolation Problem in Nevanlinna Classes
Vladimir Derkach

13. On the Strong Kreiss Resolvent Condition in the Hilbert Space
Alexander Gomilko, Jaroslav Zemánek

14. Anatomy of the C*-algebra Generated by Toeplitz Operators with Piece-wise Continuous Symbols
Sergei Grudsky, Nikolai Vasilevski

15. Block Tridiagonal Matrices and a Beefed-up Version of the Ehrenfest Urn Model
F. Alberto Grünbaum

16. On The Unitarization Of Linear Representations Of Primitive Partially Ordered Sets
Roman Grushevoy, Kostyantyn Yusenko

17. Direct and Inverse Theorems in the Theory of Approximation of Banach Space Vectors by Exponential Type Entire Vectors
Yaroslav Grushka, Sergiy Torba

18. Results on Convergence in Norm of Exponential Product Formulas and Pointwise of the Corresponding Integral Kernels
Takashi Ichinose, Hideo Tamura

19. Generalized Selfadjoint Operators
Ivan Ya. Ivasiuk

20. Orthogonal Decomposition of Functions Subharmonic in the Unit Disc
Armen M. Jerbashian

21. Asymptotics of Toeplitz Matrices with Symbols in Some Generalized Krein Algebras
Alexei Yu. Karlovich

22. Generators of Random Processes in Ultrametric Spaces and Their Spectra
Witold Karwowski

23. On Pseudo-Hermitian Operators with Generalized C-symmetries
S. Kuzhel

24. Nonisospectral Flows on Self-adjoint, Unitary and Normal Semi-infinite Block Jacobi Matrices
Oleksii Mokhonko

25. Compact Extrema: A General Theory and Its Applications to Variational Functionals
I. V. Orlov

26. On Extremal Problem for Algebraic Polynomials in Loading Spaces
B. P. Osilenker

27. On Coxeter Graph Related Configurations of Subspaces of a Hilbert Space
N. D. Popova, Yu. S. Samoĭlenko, A. V. Strelets

28. Correlation Functions of Intrinsically Stationary Random Fields
Zoltán Sasvári

29. Inverse Problem for Conservative Curved Systems
Alexey Tikhonov

Keywords: Mathematics, Analysis, Operator Theory, Functional Analysis, Integral Equations

Publication year
Operator Theory: Advances and Applications
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10 pages
Natural Sciences

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