Neumann, Dirk

Economic Models and Algorithms for Distributed Systems

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Table of contents

1. Economic Models and Algorithms for Distributed Systems

Part I:. Reputation Mechanisms and Trust

2. A Belief-based Trust Model for Dynamic Service Selection
Ali Shaikh Ali, Omer F. Rana

3. Reputation, Princing and the E-Science Grid
Arun Anandasivam, Dirk Neumann

4. Trust-oriented Utility-based Community Structure in Multiagent Systems
Georgia Kastidou, Robin Cohen

5. Formation of Virtual Organizations in Grids: A Game-Theoretic Approach
Thomas E. Carroll, Daniel Grosu

6. Towards Dynamic Authentication in the Grid — Secure and Mobile Business Workflows Using GSet
Jürgen Mangler, Erich Schikuta, Christoph Witzany, Oliver Jorns, Irfan Haq, Helmut Wanek

Part II:. Service Level Agreements

7. Enforcing Service Level Agreements Using an Economically Enhanced Resource Manager
Mario Macías, Garry Smith, Omer Rana, Jordi Guitart, Jordi Torres

8. Extended Resource Management Using Client Classification and Economic Enhancements
Tim Püschel, Nikolay Borissov, Dirk Neumann, Mario Macías, Jordi Guitart, Jordi Torres

9. Mitigating Provider Uncertainty in Service Provision Contracts
Chris Smith, Aad Moorsel

10. Text-Content-Analysis based on the Syntactic Correlations between Ontologies
Axel Tenschert, Ioannis Kotsiopoulos, Bastian Koller

Part III:. Business Models and Market Mechanisms

11. Cloud Computing Value Chains: Understanding Businesses and Value Creation in the Cloud
Ashraf Bany Mohammed, Jörn Altmann, Junseok Hwang

12. A Model for Determining the Optimal Capacity Investment for Utility Computing
In Lee

13. A Combinatorial Exchange for Complex Grid Services
Melanie Moßmann, Jochen Stößer, Adam Ouorou, Eric Gourdin, Ruby Krishnaswamy, Dirk Neumann

14. Heuristic Scheduling in Grid Environments: Reducing the Operational Energy Demand
Christian Bodenstein

15. Facing Price Risks in Internet-of-Services Markets
Raimund Matros, Werner Streitberger, Stefan Koenig, Torsten Eymann

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks, Economic Systems, Management of Computing and Information Systems, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet), System Performance and Evaluation

Publication year
Autonomic Systems
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6 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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