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Selected Works of A.I. Shirshov

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Table of contents

1. Subalgebras of Free Lie Algebras
A. I. Shirshov

2. On the Representation of Lie Rings in Associative Rings
A. I. Shirshov

3. Subalgebras of Free Commutative and Free Anticommutative Algebras
A. I. Shirshov

4. On Special J-rings
A. I. Shirshov

5. Some Theorems on Embedding of Rings
A. I. Shirshov

6. On some Nonassociative Nil-rings and Algebraic Algebras
A. I. Shirshov

7. On Rings with Identical Relations
A. I. Shirshov

8. On Free Lie Rings
A. I. Shirshov

9. On a Problem of Levitzki
A. I. Shirshov

10. Some Problems in the Theory of Rings that are Nearly Associative
A. I. Shirshov

11. On the Bases of a Free Lie Algebra
A. I. Shirshov

12. Some Algorithmic Problems for ε-algebras
A.I. Shirshov

13. Some Algorithmic Problems for Lie Algebras
A. I. Shirshov

14. On a Hypothesis in the Theory of Lie Algebras
A. I. Shirshov

15. On Some Groups which are Nearly Engel
A. I. Shirshov

16. On Some Identical Relations for Algebras
A. I. Shirshov

17. On Some Positively Definable Varieties of Groups
A. I. Shirshov

18. On the Definition of the Binary-Lie Property
A. I. Shirshov

19. On the Theory of Projective Planes
A. I. Shirshov, A. A. Nikitin

20. Perspectives on Shirshov’s Height Theorem
Alexei Belov-Kanel, Louis H. Rowen

21. On Shirshov’s Papers for Lie Algebras
Leonid A. Bokut

22. Some of A.I. Shirshov’s works
Vladislav K. Kharchenko

23. Comments on Shirshov’s Height Theorem
Alexander Kemer

24. A.I. Shirshov’s Works on Alternative and Jordan Algebras
Ivan Shestakov, Efim Zelmanov

25. A Word about the Teacher
Evgenii N. Kuzmin

Keywords: Mathematics, Mathematics, general, History of Mathematics

Publication year
Contemporary Mathematicians
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251 pages
Natural Sciences

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