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Israel Gohberg and Friends

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Table of contents

Part I.Mathematical Tales and Philosophical-Mathematical Tales

1. Mathematical Tales
I. Gohberg

2. Philosophical-Mathematical Tales A Personal Account
I. Gohberg

3. Our Dad’s Mathematics
Zvia Faro-Gohberg, Yanina Israeli-Gohberg

Part II.Work and personalia

4. Curriculum Vitae of Israel Gohberg
5. List of Publications of Israel Gohberg
6. List of Graduate Students of Israel Gohberg
7. Reference
8. Election Moldavian Academy of Sciences
9. A Review of the Mathematical Work of Israel Gohberg up to 1998
M.A. Kaashoek

10. Gohberg’ Mathematical Work in the Period 1998–2008
M.A. Kaashoek, L. Lerer

11. The Nathan and Lily Silver Chair
Part III.Gohberg Miscellanea: Celebrating the 60th birthday

12. Gohberg Miscellania
Part IV.Celebrating the 70th Birthday

13. Speeches Given at the Conference Dinner in Celebration of Israel Gohberg’s 70th Birthday
Part V.About Colleagues and Friends

14. Opening Address Toeplitz Memorial Conference
I. Gohberg

15. David Milman (1912–1982)
I. Gohberg, M.S. Livšic, I. Piatetski-Shapiro

16. Biography of M.S. Livšic
Harry Dym, Israel Gohberg, Naftaly Kravitsky

17. Odessa Reminiscences
I. Gohberg

18. Opening Address
Israel Gohberg

19. Mark Grigorievich Krein: Recollections
I. Gohberg

20. Heinz Langer and his Work
Aad Dijksma, Israel Gohberg

21. Vladimir Maz’ ya: Friend and Mathematician. Recollections
Israel Gohberg

22. Reminiscences of Béla Szokefalvi-Nagy
Israel Gohberg

23. Peter Lancaster, my Friend and Co-author
Israel Gohberg

24. On Joint Work with Harry Dym
Israel Gohberg

25. In Memoriam Seymour Goldberg (1928–2004)
Robert L. Ellis, Israel Gohberg

26. In Memoriam Georg Heinig (1947–2005)
Albrecht Böttcher, Israel Gohberg, Bernd Silbermann

27. Recollections: Vasile Grigorievich Ceban, on his 90th Birthday
Israel Gohberg

28. Heinz Langer, my Friend and Colleague Recollections. After Dinner Speech
Israel Gohberg

29. Our Meetings with Erhard Meister
I. Gohberg, M.A. Kaashoek

Part VI.Honorary Doctorates: Laudatios and Replies

30. VI.1.The Technische Hochschule at Darmstadt, Germany
31. VI.2. The Vienna University of Technology at Vienna, Austria
32. VI.3. West University of Timisoara in Rumania
33. VI.4. The Moldova State University at Chisinau, Moldova
34. VI.5. Balti State University “Alecu Russo” at Balti, Moldova
35. 6.6. The Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
Part VII.Festschrift 2008

36. Collaborating with Israel Gohberg: Some Personal Thoughts
Daniel Alpay

37. My Collaboration with Israel Gohberg
Joseph A. Ball

38. Israel Gohberg: a Teacher and a Friend
Harm Bart

39. Linear and One-dimensional
Albrecht Böttcher

40. Rehovot Days Redux2
Harry Dym

41. Israel Tsudikovich: My Older Colleague and Older Friend
Yuli Eidelman

42. Eight Friends
Robert L. Ellis

43. Israel Gohberg and Engineering
A.E. Frazho

44. Professor at Amsterdam: Thank you Israel!
Rien Kaashoek

45. IG and Me
Peter Lancaster

46. To Israel
Henry J. Landau

47. From a Young Student to an Older One
Jürgen Leiterer

48. What About Stability?
André C.M. Ran

49. Israel Gohberg and his Influence on my Mathematical Life
Leiba Rodman

50. The First Visits of Israel Gohberg to Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz)
Bernd Silbermann

51. My Gohberg Encounters
Ilya Spitkovsky

52. Becoming a Co-author
Freek Schagen


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