Veronese, Francesco M.

PEGylated Protein Drugs: Basic Science and Clinical Applications

Veronese, Francesco M. - PEGylated Protein Drugs: Basic Science and Clinical Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Preface PEGylated protein conjugates: A new class of therapeutics for the 21st century
Ruth Duncan, Francesco M. Veronese

2. Protein PEGylation, basic science and biological applications
Francesco M. Veronese, Anna Mero, Gianfranco Pasut

3. Reactive PEGs for protein conjugation
Gian Maria Bonora, Sara Drioli

4. Rebridging disulphides: site-specific PEGylation by sequential bis-alkylation
Ji-Won Choi, Antony Godwin, Sibu Balan, Penny Bryant, Yuehua Cong, Estera Pawlisz, Manuchehr Porssa, Norbert Rumpf, Ruchi Singh, Keith Powell, Steve Brocchini

5. Enzymatic techniques for PEGylation of biopharmaceuticals
Mauro Sergi, Francesca Caboi, Carlo Maullu, Gaetano Orsini, Giancarlo Tonon

6. The site-specific TGase-mediated PEGylation of proteins occurs at flexible sites
Angelo Fontana, Barbara Spolaore, Anna Mero, Francesco M. Veronese

7. Protein conjugates purification and characterization
Conan J. Fee

8. PEG and PEG conjugates toxicity: towards an understanding of the toxicity of PEG and its relevance to PEGylated biologicals
Rob Webster, Victoria Elliott, B. Kevin Park, Donald Walker, Mark Hankin, Philip Taupin

9. The occurrence, induction, specificity and potential effect of antibodies against poly(ethylene glycol)
Jonathan K. Armstrong

10. Pegfilgrastim — designing an improved form of rmetHuG-CSF
Graham Molineux

11. PEGylation of human growth hormone: strategies and properties
Rory F. Finn

12. PEGylated α interferons: two different strategies to achieve increased efficacy
Gianfranco Pasut

13. Development of PEGylated mammalian urate oxidase as a therapy for patients with refractory gout
Michael S. Hershfield, John S. Sundy, Nancy J. Ganson, Susan J. Kelly

14. Certolizumab pegol: a PEGylated anti-tumour necrosis factor alpha biological agent
Andrew M. Nesbitt, Sue Stephens, Elliot K. Chartash

15. PEG: a useful technology in anticancer therapy
Anna Mero, Gianfranco Pasut, Francesco M. Veronese

16. Regulatory strategy and approval processes considered for PEG-drug conjugates and other nanomedicines
Tacey X. Viegas, Francesco M. Veronese

Keywords: Biomedicine, Pharmacology/Toxicology, Immunology, Biotechnology, Medical Biochemistry, Medicinal Chemistry

Publication year
Milestones in Drug Therapy
Page amount
296 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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