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Biosaline Agriculture and High Salinity Tolerance

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Table of contents

Section I.Physiology and biochemistry

1. Survival at extreme locations: Life strategies of halophytes - The long way from system ecology, whole plant physiology, cell biochemistry and molecular aspects back to sustainable utilization at field sites
Hans-Werner Koyro, Nicole Geißler, Sayed Hussin, Bernhard Huchzermeyer

2. Growth enhancement in two potential cereal crops, maize and wheat, by exogenous applicationation of glycinebetaine
Muhammad Ashraf, Khalid Nawaz, Habib-ur-Rehman Athar, SyedHammad Raza

3. In vitro tissue culture approaches for the study of salt stress in citrus
Rosa M. Pérez-Clemente, Almudena Montoliu, Patricia López, María F. López-Climent, Vicent Arbona, Aurelio Gómez-Cadenas

4. Seawater effects on antioxidant production in berries of three cultivars of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum mill.)
Annalisa Incerti, Riccardo Izzo, Adalgisa Belligno, Flavia Navari-Izzo

5. Identification of morphological, biochemical and physiological parameters for characterizing nutritional stress status in arboreous species differently tolerant to chlorosis
Silvia Donnini, Graziano Zocchi, Antonella Castagna, Chedley Abdelly, Annamaria Ranieri

6. Seawater irrigation: Effects on growth and nutrient uptake of sunflower plants
Riccardo Izzo, Annalisa Incerti, Claudio Bertolla

7. Diversity in the response of two potential halophytes (Batis maritima and Crithmum maritimum) to salt stress
Karim Ben Hamed, Dorsaf Messedi, Annamaria Ranieri, Chedly Abdelly

8. Differential effects of sodium salts on the germination of a native halophytic species from South America: Prosopis strombulifera (Lam.) Benth
Virginia M. Luna, Analía S. Llanes, Laura R. Sosa, Mariana A. Reginato, Herminda E. Reinoso

9. Growth and nitrogen-fixing performances of medicago truncatula-Sinorhizobium meliloti symbioses under salt (NaCl) stress: Micro- and macro-symbiont contribution into symbiosis tolerance
Haythem Mhadhbi, Mohamed Elarbi Aouani

10. Physiological responses of two arabidopsis thaliana isolates, N1438 and Col, to different salts
Hela Mahmoudi, Houneida Attia, Imen Tarchoun, Zeineb Ouerghi, Mokhtar Lachaâl

11. Physiology of salt tolerance in Atriplex halimus L.
Hela Ben Ahmed, Dorra Ben Ammar, Ezzeddine Zid

12. Comparison of salinity tolerance of two related subspecies of Beta vulgaris: The sea beet (Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima) and the sugar beet (Beta vulgaris ssp. vulgaris)
Salma Daoud, Chérif Harrouni, Bernard Huchzermeyer, Hans-Werner Koyro

13. Salinity influence on soil microbial population metabolism and enzymatic activities in lysimeter-grown Olea europaea and Nicotiana glauca
Adalgisa Belligno, Marco Russo, Vito Sardo, Ju Ying Wu

Section II.Ecology

14. Halophyte plant diversity in the Irano-Turanian phytogeographical region of Turkey
Münir Öztürk, Aykut Güvensen, Serdal Sakçali, Güven Görk

15. Potential use of halophytes with emphasis on fodder production in coastal areas of Pakistan
M. Ajmal Khan, Raziuddin Ansari

16. Role of seed banks in the dynamics of desert communities
M. Ajmal Khan, Farhat Agha, Bilquees Gul

17. Study of kochia (Kochia scoparia) as a forage crop
Mohammad Kafi, Majid Jami-al-Ahmadi

18. Biodiversity of plant species and adaptation to drought and salt conditions. Selection of species for sustainable reforestation activity to combat desertification
Cristina M. Monteverdi, Marco Lauteri, Riccardo Valentini

19. Potentiality of salt marshes in Mediterranean coastal zone of Egypt
Hassan M. El-Shaer, Mohamed H. El-Morsy

20. Studies on the halophyte desert vegetation in the Northern Caspian Region (Caspian Lowland and Mangyshlak)
Irina N. Safronova

21. Halophyte utilization for biodiversity and productivity of degraded pasture restoration in arid regions of Central Asia and Russia
Nariman Shamsutdinov, Zebri Shamsutdinov

22. Selection of a halophyte that could be used in the bioreclamation of salt-affected soils in arid and semi-arid regions
Mokded Rabhi, Ons Talbi, Abdallah Atia, Chedly Abdelly, Abderrazak Smaoui

23. New approaches for biosaline agriculture development, management and conservation of sandy desert ecosystems
Kristina N. Toderich, Shoaib Ismail, Ekaterina A. Juylova, Abdullo A. Rabbimov, Batyr B. Bekchanov, Elena V. Shyuskaya, Lilya G. Gismatullina, Kozan Osamu, Toshpulat B. Radjabov

24. Computer supported system for the risk assessment and action recommendation for the water objects in Uzbekistan based on the already developed databank
Aydar B. Nasrulin, Faruh S. Shaazizov, Helmut Lieth

Section III.Molecular biology

25. Functional genomics to discover genes for salt tolerance in annual and perennial plants
Isacco Beritognolo, Maurizio Sabatti, Mikael Brosché, Giuseppe Scarascia Mugnozza

26. Molecular analyses of a dehydration-related gene from the DREB family in durum, wheat and triticale
Arianna Latini, Maria Sperandei, Sandeep Sharma, Cristina Cantale, Massimo Iannetta, Marco Dettori, Karim Ammar, Patrizia Galeffi

27. Expression analysis of salt stress responsive genes in grapevines
Samia Daldoul, Michael U. Höfer, Claudia Linhard, Neila Jallouli, Ahmed Mliki, Götz M. Reustle, Abdelwahed Ghorbel

28. Molecular biology and transport properties of grapevine Na+/H+ antiporter
Mohsen Hanana, Olivier Cagnac, Toshio Yamaguchi, Saïd Hamdi, Abdelwahed Ghorbel, Eduardo Blumwald

29. Opposite lipid signaling pathways tightly control proline accumulation in Arabidopsis thaliana and Thellungiella halophila
Mohamed Ali Ghars, Elodie Parre, Anne-Sophie Leprince, Marianne Bordenave, Delphine Lefebvre-De Vos, Luc Richard, Chedly Abdelly, Arnould Savouré

30. Cadmium and copper genotoxicity in plants
Chamseddine Mediouni, Guy Houlné, Marie-Edith Chabouté, Mohamed Habib Ghorbel, Fatma Jemal

31. Effect of salinity on growth, leaf-phenolic content and antioxidant scavenging activity in Cynara cardunculus L.
Falleh Hanen, Riadh Ksouri, Wided Megdiche, Nejla Trabelsi, Mondher Boulaaba, Chedly Abdelly

32. Contributions to the 2006 meeting on sustainable utilization of cash crop halophytes in Tunis
Helmut Lieth, Brigitte Herzog, Jens Varnskuehler


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