Staicu, Vasile

Differential Equations, Chaos and Variational Problems

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Table of contents

1. Nodal and Multiple Constant Sign Solution for Equations with the p-Laplacian
Ravi P. Agarwal, Michael E. Filippakis, Donal O’Regan, Nikolaos S. Papageorgiou

2. A Young Measures Approach to Averaging
Zvi Artstein

3. Viability Kernels and Capture Basins for Analyzing the Dynamic Behavior: Lorenz Attractors, Julia Sets, and Hutchinson’s Maps
Jean-Pierre Aubin, Patrick Saint-Pierre

4. Generalized Steiner Selections Applied to Standard Problems of Set-Valued Numerical Analysis
Robert Baier

5. On the Euler-Lagrange Equation for a Variational Problem
Stefano Bianchini

6. Singular Limits for Impulsive Lagrangian Systems with Dissipative Sources
Alberto Bressan

7. Lipschitz Continuity of Optimal Trajectories in Deterministic Optimal Control
Piermarco Cannarsa, Helene Frankowska, Elsa Maria Marchini

8. An Overview on Existence of Vector Minimizers for Almost Convex 1—dim Integrals
Clara Carlota, António Ornelas

9. Strict Convexity, Comparison Results and Existence of Solutions to Variational Problems
Arrigo Cellina

10. Necessary Optimality Conditions for Discrete Delay Inclusions
Aurelian Cernea

11. Necessary Conditions in Optimal Control and in the Calculus of Variations
Francis Clarke

12. Almost Periodicity in Functional Equations
C. Corduneanu

13. Age-dependent Population Dynamics with the Delayed Argument
Antoni Leon Dawidowicz, Anna Poskrobko

14. Chaos in the Störmer Problem
Rui Dilão, Rui Alves-Pires

15. Hausdorff Dimension versus Smoothness
Flávio Ferreira, Alberto A. Pinto, David A. Rand

16. On Bounded Trajectories for Some Non-Autonomous Systems
Andrea Gavioli, Luis Sanchez

17. On Generalized Differential Quotients and Viability
Ewa Girejko, Zbigniew Bartosiewicz

18. Nonlinear Prediction in Riverflow — the Paiva River Case
Rui Gonçalves, Alberto A. Pinto, Francisco Calheiros

19. Shadowing in Higher Dimensions
Judy Kennedy, James A. Yorke

20. Boundary Value Problems for Nonlinear Perturbations of Singular f-Laplacians
Jean Mawhin

21. Existence, Nonexistence and Multiplicity Results for Some Beam Equations
Feliz Manuel Minhós

22. Reducing a Differential Game to a Pair of Optimal Control Problems
Stefan MiricA

23. Optimal Control of Nonconvex Differential Inclusions
B. S. Mordukhovich

24. On Chaos of a Cubic p-adic Dynamical System
Farrukh Mukhamedov, José F. F. Mendes

25. Some New Concepts of Dimension
Józef Myjak

26. Degree Theory and Almost Periodic Problems
Rafael Ortega

27. L 8-Energy Method, Basic Tools and Usage
Mitsuharu Ôtani

28. On the Singular Set of Certain Potential Operators in Hilbert Spaces
Biagio Ricceri

29. Shape and Conley Index of Attractors and Isolated Invariant Sets
José M. R. Sanjurjo

30. Regularity of Solutions for the Autonomous Integrals of the Calculus of Variations
Moulay Rchid Sidi Ammi, Delfim F. M. Torres

31. Multi-modal Periodic Trajectories in Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Chains
Susanna Terracini

32. Control of Transient Chaos Using Safe Sets in Simple Dynamical Systems
Samuel Zambrano, Miguel A. F. Sanjuán


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Natural Sciences

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