Donnellan, Andrea

Computational Earthquake Physics: Simulations, Analysis and Infrastructure, Part II

Donnellan, Andrea - Computational Earthquake Physics: Simulations, Analysis and Infrastructure, Part II, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Computation Earthquake Physics PART II: Introduction
Xiang-chu Yin, Peter Mora, Andrea Donnellan, Mitsuhiro Matsu’ura

2. QuakeSim and the Solid Earth Research Virtual Observatory
Andrea Donnellan, John Rundle, Geoffrey Fox, Dennis McLeod, Lisa Grant, Terry Tullis, Marlon Pierce, Jay Parker, Greg Lyzenga, Robert Granat, Margaret Glasscoe

3. iSERVO: Implementing the International Solid Earth Research Virtual Observatory by Integrating Computational Grid and Geographical Information Web Services
Mehmet Aktas, Galip Aydin, Andrea Donnellan, Geoffrey Fox, Robert Granat, Lisa Grant, Greg Lyzenga, Dennis McLeod, Shrideep Pallickara, Jay Parker, Marlon Pierce, John Rundle, Ahmet Sayar, Terry Tullis

4. Construction of an Intraplate Fault System Model of South Australia, and Simulation Tool for the iSERVO Institute Seed Project
H.L. Xing, P. Mora

5. Lurr’s Twenty Years and Its Perspective
Xiang-Chu Yin, Lang-Ping Zhang, Hui-Hui Zhang, Can Yin, Yucang Wang, Yongxian Zhang, Keyin Peng, Haitao Wang, Zhiping Song, Huaizhong Yu, Jiancang Zhuang

6. LURR and the San Simeon M 6.5 Earthquake in 2003 and the Seismic Tendency in CA
Yongxian Zhang, Xiangchu Yin, Keyin Peng, Haitao Wang, Jianchang Zheng, Yongjia Wu, Lang-Ping Zhang

7. A Statistical Investigation of the Earthquake Predictions Using LURR
Keyin Peng, Xiangchu Yin, Lang-Ping Zhang

8. Stress Reorientation and LURR: Implication for Earthquake Prediction Using LURR
Can Yin, Peter Mora

9. An Independent Assessment of the Load/Unload Response Ratio (LURR) Proposed Method of Earthquake Prediction
J.E. Trotta, T.E. Tullis

10. Acoustic Emission Experiments of Rock Failure Under Load Simulating the Hypocenter Condition
Hui-hui Zhang, Xiang-chu Yin, Nai-gang Liang, Huai-zhong Yu, Shi-yu Li, Y.C. Wang, C. Yin, Victor Kukshenko, Nikita Tomiline, Surguei Elizarov

11. Stress Shadows Determined from a Phase Dynamical Measure of Historic Seismicity
K.F. Tiampo, J.B. Rundle, W. Klein

12. Pattern Informatics and its Application for Optimal Forecasting of Large Earthquakes in Japan
K.Z. Nanjo, J.B. Rundle, J.R. Holliday, D.L. Turcotte

13. Systematic Procedural and Sensitivity Analysis of the Pattern Informatics Method for Forecasting Large (M > 5) Earthquake Events in Southern California
J.R. Holliday, J.B. Rundle, K.F. Tiampo, W. Klein, A. Donnellan

14. Visualization and Analysis of Multi-terabyte Geophysical Datasets in an Interactive Setting with Remote Webcam Capabilities
Benjamin J. Kadlec, David A. Yuen, Gordon Erlebacher

15. A Grid Framework for Visualization Services in the Earth Sciences
G. Erlebacher, D.A. Yuen, Z. Lu, E.F. Bollig, M. Pierce, S. Pallickara

16. Thermal Effects in the Evolution of Initially Layered Mantle Material
M. Davies, H. Mühlhaus, L. Gross

17. Detecting Regional Events via Statistical Analysis of Geodetic Networks
Robert Granat

18. A Recent Application of the ETAS Model and a Proposed Method for Prediction of Strong Aftershocks
W.B. Liu, L. Ma

19. Orientation-based Continuum Damage Models for Rocks
Xiaoyu Liu, Xiangchu Yin, Naigang Liang

20. Experimental Study of the Earthquake Recurrence Period and the Trend of Post-seismic Development
Bin Wang, Zhaoyong Xu, Xiangchu Yin, Yili Hu, Runhai Yang, Jingguan Cai, Shunyun Chen

21. State Vector: A New Approach to Prediction of the Failure of Brittle Heterogeneous Media and Large Earthquakes
Huai-zhong Yu, Xiang-chu Yin, Qing-yong Zhu, Yu-ding Yan

22. Crustal Movement Observed by GPS and Earthquake Activity in the Chinese Mainland and its Neighborhood
Guohua Gu

23. Thermo-hydro-Mechanical Modeling of CO2 Sequestration System Around Fault Environment
Qi Li, Yilong Bai, Xiangchu Yin, Xiaochun Li


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