Toft, Joachim

Modern Trends in Pseudo-Differential Operators

Toft, Joachim - Modern Trends in Pseudo-Differential Operators, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Quantization of Edge Symbols
C. -I. Martin, B. -W. Schulze

2. On Rays of Minimal Growth for Elliptic Cone Operators
Juan B. Gil, Thomas Krainer, Gerardo A. Mendoza

3. Symbolic Calculus of Pseudo-differential Operators and Curvature of Manifolds
Chisato Iwasaki

4. Weyl Transforms, Heat Kernels, Green Functions and Riemann Zeta Functions on Compact Lie Groups
M. W. Wong

5. On the Fourier Analysis of Operators on the Torus
Michael Ruzhansky, Ville Turunen

6. Wave Kernels of the Twisted Laplacian
Jingzhi Tie, M. W. Wong

7. Super-exponential Decay of Solutions to Differential Equations in Rd
Ernesto Buzano

8. Gevrey Local Solvability for Degenerate Parabolic Operators of Higher Order
Alessandro Oliaro, Petar Popivanov

9. A New Aspect of the L p-extension Problem for Inhomogeneous Differential Equations
Mitsuru Sugimoto

10. Continuity in Quasi-homogeneous Sobolev Spaces for Pseudo-differential Operators with Besov Symbols
Gianluca Garello, Alessandro Morando

11. Continuity and Schatten Properties for Pseudo-differential Operators on Modulation Spaces
Joachim Toft

12. Algebras of Pseudo-differential Operators with Discontinuous Symbols
Yu. I. Karlovich

13. A Class of Quadratic Time-frequency Representations Based on the Short-time Fourier Transform
Paolo Boggiatto, Giuseppe Donno, Alessandro Oliaro

14. A Characterization of Stockwell Spectra
M. W. Wong, Hongmei Zhu

15. Exact and Numerical Inversion of Pseudo-differential Operators and Applications to Signal Processing
Vladimir S. Rabinovich, Steffen Roch

16. On the Product of Localization Operators
Elena Cordero, Karlheinz Gröchenig

17. Gelfand-Shilov Spaces, Pseudo-differential Operators and Localization Operators
Marco Cappiello, Todor Gramchev, Luigi Rodino

18. Continuity and Schatten Properties for Toeplitz Operators on Modulation Spaces
Joachim Toft

19. Microlocalization within Some Classes of Fourier Hyperfunctions
Richard D. Carmichael, Atsuhiko Eida, Stevan Pilipovic


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Natural Sciences

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