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Functional Analysis and Evolution Equations

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Table of contents

1. Expansions in Generalized Eigenfunctions of the Weighted Laplacian on Star-shaped Networks
Félix Ali Mehmeti, Robert Haller-Dintelmann, Virginie Régnier

2. Diffusion Equations with Finite Speed of Propagation
Fuensanta Andreu, Vicent Caselles, José M. Mazón

3. Subordinated Multiparameter Groups of Linear Operators: Properties via the Transference Principle
Boris Baeumer, Mihály Kovács, Mark M. Meerschaert

4. An Integral Equation in AeroElasticity
Alampallam V. Balakrishnan

5. Eigenvalue Asymptotics Under a Non-dissipative Eigenvalue Dependent Boundary Condition for Second-order Elliptic Operators
Joachim Below, Gilles François

6. Feynman-Kac Formulas, Backward Stochastic Differential Equations and Markov Processes
Jan A. Casteren

7. Generation of Cosine Families on L p (0,1) by Elliptic Operators with Robin Boundary Conditions
Ralph Chill, Valentin Keyantuo, Mahamadi Warma

8. Global Smooth Solutions to a Fourth-order Quasilinear Fractional Evolution Equation
Philippe Clément, Rico Zacher

9. Positivity Property of Solutions of Some Quasilinear Elliptic Inequalities
Lorenzo D’Ambrosio, Enzo Mitidieri

10. On a Stochastic Parabolic Integral Equation
Wolfgang Desch, Stig-Olof Londen

11. Resolvent Estimates for a Perturbed Oseen Problem
Paul Deuring

12. Abstract Delay Equations Inspired by Population Dynamics
Odo Diekmann, Mats Gyllenberg

13. Weak Stability for Orbits of C 0-semigroups on Banach Spaces
Tanja Eisner, Bálint Farkas

14. Contraction Semigroups on L 8(R)
Antonius F. M. Elst, Derek W. Robinson

15. On the Curve Shortening Flow with Triple Junction
Joachim Escher, Zhaoyong Feng

16. The Dual Mixed Finite Element Method for the Heat Diffusion Equation in a Polygonal Domain, I
Mohamed Farhloul, Réda Korikache, Luc Paquet

17. Maximal Regularity of the Stokes Operator in General Unbounded Domains of R n
Reinhard Farwig, Hideo Kozono, Hermann Sohr

18. Linear Control Systems in Sequence Spaces
Hector O. Fattorini

19. On the Motion of Several Rigid Bodies in a Viscous Multipolar Fluid
Eduard Feireisl, Šárka Necasová

20. On the Stokes Resolvent Equations in Locally Uniform L p Spaces in Exterior Domains
Matthias Geissert, Yoshikazu Giga

21. Generation of Analytic Semigroups and Domain Characterization for Degenerate Elliptic Operators with Unbounded Coefficients Arising in Financial Mathematics. Part II
Massimiliano Giuli, Fausto Gozzi, Roberto Monte, Vincenzo Vespri

22. Numerical Approximation of Generalized Functions: Aliasing, the Gibbs Phenomenon and a Numerical Uncertainty Principle
Patrick Guidotti

23. No Radial Symmetries in the Arrhenius-Semenov Thermal Explosion Equation
Karl Gustafson, Ed Ash

24. Mild Well-posedness of Abstract Differential Equations
Valentin Keyantuo, Carlos Lizama

25. Backward Uniqueness in Linear Thermoelasticity with Time and Space Variable Coefficients
Herbert Koch, Irena Lasiecka

26. Measure and Integral: New Foundations after One Hundred Years
Heinz König

27. Post-Widder Inversion for Laplace Transforms of Hyperfunctions
Peer Christian Kunstmann

28. On a Class of Elliptic Operators with Unbounded Time- and Space-dependent Coefficients in R N
Luca Lorenzi

29. Time-dependent Nonlinear Perturbations of Analytic Semigroups
Robert H. Martin, Toshitaka Matsumoto, Shinnosuke Oharu, Naoki Tanaka

30. A Variational Approach to Strongly Damped Wave Equations
Delio Mugnolo

31. Exponential and Polynomial Stability Estimates for the Wave Equation and Maxwell’s System with Memory Boundary Conditions
Serge Nicaise, Cristina Pignotti

32. Maximal Regularity for Degenerate Evolution Equations with an Exponential Weight Function
Jan Prüss, Gieri Simonett

33. An Analysis of Asian options
Jan Prüss, Stefan Sperlich, Mathias Wilke

34. Linearized Stability and Regularity for Nonlinear Age-dependent Population Models
Wolfgang M. Ruess

35. Space Almost Periodic Solutions of Reaction Diffusion Equations
Bruno Scarpellini

36. On the Oseen Semigroup with Rotating Effect
Yoshihiro Shibata

37. Exact Controllability in L 2(O) of the Schrödinger Equation in a Riemannian Manifold with L 2(S1)-Neumann Boundary Control
Roberto Triggiani


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