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Wavelet Analysis and Applications

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Table of contents

Part 1..Wavelet Theory

1. Local Smoothness Conditions on a Function Which Guarantee Convergence of Double Walsh-Fourier Series of This Function
S. K. Bloshanskaya, I. L. Bloshanskii

2. Linear Transformations of RN and Problems of Convergence of Fourier Series of Functions Which Equal Zero on Some Set
I. L. Bloshanskii

3. Sidon Type Inequalities for Wavelets
N. A. Sheikh

4. Almansi Decomposition for Dunkl-Helmholtz Operators
Guangbin Ren, Helmuth R. Malonek

5. An Uncertainty Principle for Operators
Michael G. Cowling, M. Sundari

6. Uncertainty Principle for Clifford Geometric Algebras Cl n,0, n = 3 (mod 4) Based on Clifford Fourier Transform
Eckhard S. M. Hitzer, Bahri Mawardi

7. Orthogonal Wavelet Vectors in a Hilbert Space
Huai-Xin Cao, Bao-Min Yu

8. Operator Frames for H
Chun-Yan Li, Huai-Xin Cao

9. On the Stability of Multi-wavelet Frames
Gang Wang, ZhengXing Cheng

10. Biorthogonal Wavelets Associated with Two-Dimensional Interpolatory Function
Jianwei Yang, Yuan Yan Tang, Zhengxing Cheng, Xinge You

11. Parameterization of Orthogonal Filter Bank with Linear Phase
Xiaoxia Feng, Zhengxing Cheng, Zhongpeng Yang

12. On Multivariate Wavelets with Trigonometric Vanishing Moments
Ying Li, Zhi-Dong Deng, Yan-Chun Liang

13. Directional Wavelet Analysis with Fourier-Type Bases for Image Processing
Zhen Yao, Nasir Rajpoot, Roland Wilson

14. Unitary Systems and Wavelet Sets
David R. Larson

15. Clifford Analysis and the Continuous Spherical Wavelet Transform
Paula Cerejeiras, Milton Ferreira, Uwe Kähler

16. Clifford-Jacobi Polynomials and the Associated Continuous Wavelet Transform in Euclidean Space
Fred Brackx, Nele Schepper, Frank Sommen

17. Wavelet Leaders in Multifractal Analysis
Stéphane Jaffard, Bruno Lashermes, Patrice Abry

18. Application of Fast Wavelet Transformation in Parametric System Identification
Klaus Markwardt

19. Image Denoising by a Novel Digital Curvelet Reconstruction Algorithm
Jian Bai, Xiang-Chu Feng

20. Condition Number for Under-Determined Toeplitz Systems
Huaian Diao, Yimin Wei

21. Powell-Sabin Spline Prewavelets on the Hexagonal Lattice
Jan Maes, Adhemar Bultheel

22. Time-Frequency Aspects of Nonlinear Fourier Atoms
Qiuhui Chen, Luoqing Li, Tao Qian

23. Mono-components for Signal Decomposition
Tao Qian

24. Signal-Adaptive Aeroelastic Flight Data Analysis with HHT
Martin J. Brenner, Sunil L. Kukreja, Richard J. Prazenica

25. An Adaptive Data Analysis Method for Nonlinear and Nonstationary Time Series: The Empirical Mode Decomposition and Hilbert Spectral Analysis
Norden E. Huang

Part 2..Wavelet Applications

26. Transfer Colors from CVHD to MRI Based on Wavelets Transform
Xiaolin Tian, Xueke Li, Yankui Sun, Zesheng Tang

27. Medical Image Fusion by Multi-resolution Analysis of Wavelets Transform
Xueke Li, Xiaolin Tian, Yankui Sun, Zesheng Tang

28. Salient Building Detection from a Single Nature Image via Wavelet Decomposition
Yanyun Qu, Cuihua Li, Nanning Zheng, Zejian Yuan, Congying Ye

29. SAR Images Despeckling via Bayesian Fuzzy Shrinkage Based on Stationary Wavelet Transform
Yan Wu, Xia Wang, Guisheng Liao

30. Super-Resolution Reconstruction Using Haar Wavelet Estimation
C. S. Tong, K. T. Leung

31. The Design of Hilbert Transform Pairs in Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform
Fengxia Yan, Lizhi Cheng, Hongxia Wang

32. Supervised Learning Using Characteristic Generalized Gaussian Density and Its Application to Chinese Materia Medica Identification
S. K. Choy, C. S. Tong

33. A Novel Algorithm of Singular Points Detection for Fingerprint Images
Taizhe Tan, Jiwu Huang

34. Wavelet Receiver: A New Receiver Scheme for Doubly-Selective Channels
Guangjian Shi, Silong Peng

35. Face Retrieval with Relevance Feedback Using Lifting Wavelets Features
Chon Fong Wong, Jianke Zhu, Mang I Vai, Peng Un Mak, Weikou Ye

36. High-Resolution Image Reconstruction Using Wavelet Lifting Scheme
Shengwei Pei, Haiyan Feng, Minghui Du

37. Mulitiresolution Spatial Data Compression Using Lifting Scheme
B. Pradhan, K. Sandeep, Shattri Mansor, Abdul Rahman Ramli, Abdul Rashid B. Mohamed Sharif

38. Ridgelet Transform as a Feature Extraction Method in Remote Sensing Image Recognition
Yuanyuan Ren, Shuang Wang, Shuyuan Yang, Licheng Jiao

39. Analysis of Frequency Spectrum for Geometric Modeling in Digital Geometry
Zhanchuan Cai, Hui Ma, Wei Sun, Dongxu Qi

40. Detection of Spindles in Sleep EEGs Using a Novel Algorithm Based on the Hilbert-Huang Transform
Zhihua Yang, Lihua Yang, Dongxu Qi

41. A Wavelet-Domain Hidden Markov Tree Model with Localized Parameters for Image Denoising
Minghui Yang, Zhiyun Xiao, Silong Peng


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