Brasselet, Jean-Paul

Real and Complex Singularities

Brasselet, Jean-Paul - Real and Complex Singularities, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Celestial Integration, Stringy Invariants, and Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson Classes
Paolo Aluffi

2. Valuations Compatible with a Projection
Fuensanta Aroca

3. Quelques Résultats sur Certaines Fonctions à Lieu Singulier de Dimension 1
Daniel Barlet

4. Classification of Rational Unicuspidal Projective Curves whose Singularities Have one Puiseux Pair
Javier Fernández de Bobadilla, Ignacio Luengo, Alejandro Melle Hernández, Andras Némethi

5. Bounding from below the Degree of an Algebraic One-dimensional Foliation Having a Prescribed Algebraic Solution
Vincent Cavalier, Daniel Lehmann

6. Trajectory Singularities for a Class of Parallel Motions
Matthew W. Cocke, Peter Donelan, Christopher G. Gibson

7. Vertices and Inflexions of Plane Sections of Surfaces in R3
André Diatta, Peter Giblin

8. Local Topology of Reducible Divisors
Alexandru Dimca, Anatoly Libgober

9. The Geometry of Flecnodal Pairs
Daniel Dreibelbis

10. Path Formulation for Z 2 ? Z 2-equivariant Bifurcation Problems
João Carlos Ferreira Costa, Angela Maria Sitta

11. The Multiplicity of Pairs of Modules and Hypersurface Singularities
Terence Gaffney

12. Lagrangian and Legendrian Singularities
Victor V. Goryunov, V. M. Zakalyukin

13. F-manifolds from Composed Functions
Ignacio Gregorio, David Mond

14. On Equisingularity of Families of Maps (Cn, 0) ? (C n+1, 0)
Kevin Houston

15. Projected Wallpaper Patterns
Isabel S. Labouriau, Eliana M. Pinho

16. Modular Lines for Singularities of the T-series
Bernd Martin

17. Do Moduli of Goursat Distributions Appear on the Level of Nilpotent Approximations?
Piotr Mormul

18. Calculation of Mixed Hodge Structures, Gauss-Manin Connections and Picard-Fuchs Equations
Hossein Movasati

19. Whitney Equisingularity, Euler Obstruction and Invariants of Map Germs from Cn to C3, n > 3
Victor H. Jorge Pérez, Eliris C. Rizziolli, Marcelo J. Saia

20. Versality Properties of Projective Hypersurfaces
Andrew A. Plessis

21. Minimal Intransigent Hypersurfaces
Andrew A. Plessis

22. On the Link Space of a Q-Gorenstein Quasi-Homogeneous Surface Singularity
Anna Pratoussevitch

23. Singularity Exchange at the Frontier of the Space
Dirk Siersma, Mihai Tibar

24. Mackey Functors on Provarieties
Shoji Yokura


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Keywords: MATHEMATICS / General MAT000000

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Natural Sciences

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