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Free Boundary Problems

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Table of contents

1. One-dimensional Shape Memory Alloy Problem with Duhem Type of Hysteresis Operator
Toyohiko Aiki, Takanobu Okazaki

2. Existence and Uniqueness Results for Quasi-linear Elliptic and Parabolic Equations with Nonlinear Boundary Conditions
F. Andreu, N. Igbida, J. M. Mazón, J. Toledo

3. Finite Time Localized Solutions of Fluid Problems with Anisotropic Dissipation
S. Antontsev, H. B. Oliveira

4. Parabolic Equations with Anisotropic Nonstandard Growth Conditions
S. Antontsev, S. Shmarev

5. Parabolic Systems with the Unknown Dependent Constraints Arising in Phase Transitions
Masayasu Aso, Michel Frémond, Nobuyuki Kenmochi

6. The N-membranes Problem with Neumann Type Boundary Condition
A. Azevedo, J. F. Rodrigues, L. Santos

7. Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Bioreactive Multicomponent Transport
Markus Bause, Willi Merz

8. Asymptotic Properties of the Nitzberg-Mumford Variational Model for Segmentation with Depth
Giovanni Bellettini, Riccardo March

9. The 8-Laplacian First Eigenvalue Problem
Marino Belloni

10. Comparison of Two Algorithms to Solve the Fixed-strike Amerasian Options Pricing Problem
Alfredo Bermúdez, María Rodríguez-Nogueiras, Carlos Vázquez

11. Nonlinear Diffusion Models for Self-gravitating Particles
Piotr Biler, Robert Stanczy

12. Existence, Uniqueness and an Explicit Solution for a One-Phase Stefan Problem for a Non-classical Heat Equation
Adriana C. Briozzo, Domingo A. Tarzia

13. Dislocation Dynamics: a Non-local Moving Boundary
P. Cardaliaguet, F. Lio, N. Forcadel, R. Monneau

14. Bermudean Approximation of the Free Boundary Associated with an American Option
E. Chevalier

15. Steady-state Bingham Flow with Temperature Dependent Nonlocal Parameters and Friction
L. Consiglieri, J. F. Rodrigues

16. Some P.D.E.s with Hysteresis
Michela Eleuteri

17. Embedding Theorem for Phase Field Equation with Convection
Takesi Fukao

18. A Dynamic Boundary Value Problem Arising in the Ecology of Mangroves
Gonzalo Galiano, Julián Velasco

19. Wave Breaking over Sloping Beaches Using a Coupled Boundary Integral-Level Set Method
M. Garzon, J. A. Sethian

20. Finite Difference Schemes for Incompressible Flows on Fully Adaptive Grids
Frédéric Gibou, Chohong Min, Hector Ceniceros

21. Global Solvability of Constrained Singular Diffusion Equation Associated with Essential Variation
Yoshikazu Giga, Hirotoshi Kuroda, Noriaki Yamazaki

22. Capillary Mediated Melting of Ellipsoidal Needle Crystals
M. E. Glicksman, A. Lupulescu, M. B. Koss

23. Boundary Regularity at {t = 0} for a Singular Free Boundary Problem
Eurica Henriques, José Miguel Urbano

24. Fast Reaction Limits and Liesegang Bands
D. Hilhorst, R. Hout, M. Mimura, I. Ohnishi

25. Numerical Modeling of Surfactant Effects in Interfacial Fluid Dynamics
Ashley J. James, John Lowengrub

26. The Value of an American Basket Call with Dividends Increases with the Basket Volatility
Jörg Kampen

27. Mathematical Modelling of Nutrient-limited Tissue Growth
J. R. King, S. J. Franks

28. Asymptotic Hysteresis Patterns in a Phase Separation Problem
Pavel Krejcí

29. Obstacle Problems for Monotone Operators with Measure Data
Chiara Leone

30. Piecewise Constant Level Set Method for Interface Problems
Hongwei Li, Xue-Cheng Tai

31. Dynamics of a Moving Reaction Interface in a Concrete Wall
Adrian Muntean, Michael Böhm

32. Adaptive Finite Elements with High Aspect Ratio for Dendritic Growth of a Binary Alloy Including Fluid Flow Induced by Shrinkage
Jacek Narski, Marco Picasso

33. A Free Boundary Problem for Nonlocal Damage Propagation in Diatomites
C. Nitsch

34. Concentrating Solutions for a Two-dimensional Elliptic Problem with Large Exponent in Nonlinearity
Angela Pistoia

35. Existence of Weak Solutions for the Mullins-Sekerka Flow
Matthias Röger

36. Existence and Approximation Results for General Rate-independent Problems via a Variable Time-step Discretization Scheme
Riccarda Rossi

37. Global Attractors for the Quasistationary Phase Field Model: a Gradient Flow Approach
Antonio Segatti

38. Aleksandrov and Kelvin Reflection and the Regularity of Free Boundaries
Henrik Shahgholian, Georg S. Weiss

39. Solvability for a PDE Model of Regional Economic Trend
Ken Shirakawa, Akio Ito, Atsushi Kadoya

40. Surface Energies in Multi-phase Systems with Diffuse Phase Boundaries
Björn Stinner

41. High-order Techniques for Calculating Surface Tension Forces
M. Sussman, M. Ohta

42. Simulation of a Model of Tumors with Virus-therapy
Youshan Tao, Qian Guo

43. Asymptotic Behavior of a Hyperbolic-parabolic Coupled System Arising in Fluid-structure Interaction
Xu Zhang, Enrique Zuazua


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