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What People Want

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Table of contents

1. How to Be and Not to Pop?
Robert Pfaller

2. The Populist Moment
Helmut Dubiel

3. How to Be and not to Pop Why are some populations populist and others aren’t?
Robert Pfaller

4. What was the New Economy?
Thomas Frank

5. Pictorial thinking: symbolic forms, perception and internal pictures The example of populistic social perception. How demagogues and their followers represent social reality
Walter Ötsch

6. Introduction
Michael Shamiyeh

7. Home of the Public? Paradoxes of Urban Mediascapes
Manfred Fassler

8. Mental Capitalism
Georg Franck

9. The Process That Changed Architecture
Michael Shamiyeh

10. Are Competitions Populist? A Bourdieusian Alternative Perspective
Hélène Lipstadt

11. Creating Majority Support by not Compromising
Thomas Held

12. The Average Citizen
Måns Wrange

13. Introduction
Thomas Duschlbauer

14. Searching for the ‘everyday’
Thomas Duschlbauer

15. From Induction to Incitement: Inside the Massive Change Project
Greg Alstyne

16. “What do they want?”
Bill Moggridge

17. Introduction
Ellen Dunham-Jones

18. BENIDORM. The reasons for success
José Miguel Iribas

19. Bust or Fold? The New Culture of Control
Jeffrey Inaba

20. Complexity and Populism
Christian Kühn

21. New Urbanism’s Subversive Marketing
Ellen Dunham-Jones

22. “Populism Redux?”
Liane Lefaivre

23. In the Name of the People; The Populist Movement in Architecture
Alexander C. Tzonis, Liane Lefaivre

24. Working with appearance(s)
Sergison Bates

25. Introduction
Dennis Kaspori

26. Towards an open-source architectural practice
Dennis Kaspori

27. Juan Palop Casado
Urban Planning

28. McSyn: Cross-Modal architectural portraits
Marcos Lutyens

29. Blur

Keywords: Architecture / Design, Architectural History and Theory

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427 pages
Art, Art History

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