Görk, Güven

Biosaline Agriculture and Salinity Tolerance in Plants

Görk, Güven - Biosaline Agriculture and Salinity Tolerance in Plants, ebook


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Table of contents

Section I:.Physiological aspects

1. Effects of salinity on rhizosphere bacterial communities associated with different root types of Vicia faba L.
Maya Ofek, Silke Ruppel, Yoav Waisel

2. Tolerance of some potential forage grasses from arid regions of Pakistan to salinity and drought
Muhammad Ashraf

3. Salt and seawater effects on the germination of Crithmum maritimum
Abdallah Atia, Karim Ben Hamed, Ahmed Debez, Chedly Abdelly

4. Growth performance and nutritional value of salt tolerant plants growing under saline environments
Muhammad Y. Ashraf, Ghulam Sarwar, Muhammad Ashraf, Faqir Hussain, Riaz A. Wahed, Muhammad M. Iqbal

5. Comparative effect of NaCl and seawater on seed germination of Suaeda salsa and Atriplex centralasiatica
Xiaojing Liu, Hailong Qiao, Weiqiang Li, Toshiaki Tadano, M. Ajmal Khan

6. Salt effect on growth, photosynthesis, seed yield and oil composition of the potential crop halophyte Cakile maritima
Ahmed Debez, Wael Taamalli, Dhouha Saadaoui, Zeineb Ouerghi, Mokhtar Zarrouk, Bernhard Huchzermeyer, Chedly Abdelly

7. Effect of nitrogen deficiency, salinity and drought on proline metabolism in Sesuvium portulacastrum
Dorsaf Messedi, Ines Slama, Nahla Laabidi, Tahar Ghnaya, Arnould Savoure, Abdelaziz Soltani, Chedly Abdelly

8. Linkage studies of structure, isoenzymatic diversity and some biotechnological procedures for Salsola species under desert saline environments
Kristina N. Toderich, Victoria V. Li, Clanton C. Black, Temur R. Yunusov, Elena V. Shuiskay, Gulnara K. Mardonova, Lilya G. Gismatullina

9. Kinetics of the antioxidant response to salinity in Crithmum maritimum
Nader Ben Amor, Karim Ben Hamed, Annamaria Ranieri, Chedly Abdelly

Section II:.Ecological aspects

10. An overview of the coastal zone plant diversity and management strategies in the mediterranean region of Turkey
Münir Öztürk, Aykut Güvensen, Çigdem Görk, Güven Görk

11. Saline and alkaline vegetation of NE Africa and the Arabian peninsula: An overview
Shahina A. Ghazanfar

12. Vegetation zones in the salty marshes of Central Anatolia and natural borders of agricultural usage (Turkey)
Ahmet Aksoy, Ergin Hamzaogglu

Section III:.Agricultural aspects

13. Halophytes as cash crops for animal feeds in arid and semi-arid regions
Hassan M. Shaer

14. Potential of dry drainage as a sustainable solution to waterlogging and salinisation
Fatih Konukcu

15. Vegetative bioremediation of sodic and saline-sodic soils for productivity enhancement and environment conservation
Manzoor Qadir, Jim D. Oster, Sven Schubert, Ghulam Murtaza

16. Bio-reclamation of secondary salinized soils using halophytes
Vijendra P. S. Shekhawat, Ashwani Kumar, Karl-Hermann Neumann

17. Effects of irrigation water salinity on yield and evapotranspiration of drip irrigated cucumber in a semiarid environment
Halil Kirnak

18. Potential utilisation of halophytes for the rehabilitation and valorisation of salt-affected areas in Tunisia
Chedly Abdelly, Zouhaier Barhoumi, Tahar Ghnaya, Ahmed Debez, Karim Ben Hamed, Riadh Ksouri, Ons Talbi, Fethia Zribi, Zeineb Ouerghi, Abderrazzak Smaoui, Bernhard Huchzermeyer, Claude Grignon

19. Interactive effect of potash and organic manures on growth and nutrient uptake of sugarcane grown under saline conditions
Muhammad Y. Ashraf, Faqir Hussain, Muhammad M. Iqbal, Wolfgang Maibaum, Marcus Ross

20. The effects of saline irrigation water by drip irrigation on salt distribution in soil
H. Hüsnü Kayikçioglu, Bülent Okur


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