Wang, Dongming

Differential Equations with Symbolic Computation

Wang, Dongming - Differential Equations with Symbolic Computation, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Symbolic Computation of Lyapunov Quantities and the Second Part of Hilbert’s Sixteenth Problem
Stephen Lynch

2. Estimating Limit Cycle Bifurcations from Centers
Colin Christopher

3. Conditions of Infinity to be an Isochronous Center for a Class of Differential Systems
Wentao Huang, Yirong Liu

4. Darboux Integrability and Limit Cycles for a Class of Polynomial Differential Systems
Jaume Giné, Jaume Llibre

5. Time-Reversibility in Two-Dimensional Polynomial Systems
Valery G. Romanovski, Douglas S. Shafer

6. On Symbolic Computation of the LCE of N-Dimensional Dynamical Systems
Shucheng Ning, Zhiming Zheng

7. Symbolic Computation for Equilibria of Two Dynamic Models
Weinian Zhang, Rui Yan

8. Attractive Regions in Power Systems by Singular Perturbation Analysis
Zhujun Jing, Ruiqi Wang, Luonan Chen, Jin Deng

9. Algebraic Multiplicity and the Poincaré Problem
Jinzhi Lei, Lijun Yang

10. Formalizing a Reasoning Strategy in Symbolic Approach to Differential Equations
Shilong Ma

11. Looking for Periodic Solutions of ODE Systems by the Normal Form Method
Victor F. Edneral

12. Algorithmic Reduction and Rational General Solutions of First Order Algebraic Differential Equations
Guoting Chen, Yujie Ma

13. Factoring Partial Differential Systems in Positive Characteristic
Moulay A. Barkatou, Thomas Cluzeau, Jacques-Arthur Weil

14. On the Factorization of Differential Modules
Min Wu

15. Continuous and Discrete Homotopy Operators and the Computation of Conservation Laws
Willy Hereman, Michael Colagrosso, Ryan Sayers, Adam Ringler, Bernard Deconinck, Michael Nivala, Mark Hickman

16. Partial and Complete Linearization of PDEs Based on Conservation Laws
Thomas Wolf

17. CONSLAW: A Maple Package to Construct the Conservation Laws for Nonlinear Evolution Equations
Ruo-Xia Yao, Zhi-Bin Li

18. Generalized Differential Resultant Systems of Algebraic ODEs and Differential Elimination Theory
Giuseppa Carrá Ferro

19. On “Good” Bases of Algebraico-Differential Ideals
Wen-tsün Wu

20. On the Construction of Groebner Basis of a Polynomial Ideal Based on Riquier—Janet Theory
Wenjun Wu (Wen-tsün Wu)


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