Losa, Gabriele A.

Fractals in Biology and Medicine

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Table of contents

1. Mandelbrot’s Fractals and the Geometry of Life: A Tribute to Benoît Mandelbrot on his 80th Birthday
Ewald R. Weibel

2. Gas Diffusion through the Fractal Landscape of the Lung: How Deep Does Oxygen Enter the Alveolar System?
Chen Hou, Stefan Gheorghiu, Marc-Olivier Coppens, Virginia H. Huxley, Peter Pfeifer

3. Is the Lung an Optimal Gas Exchanger?
S. Gheorghiu, S. Kjelstrup, P. Pfeifer3, M.-O. Coppens

4. 3D Hydrodynamics in the Upper Human Bronchial Tree: Interplay between Geometry and Flow Distribution
B. Mauroy

5. Fractal Aspects of Three-Dimensional Vascular Constructive Optimization
Horst K. Hahn, Manfred Georg, Heinz-Otto Peitgen

6. Cognition Network Technology: Object Orientation and Fractal Topology in Biomedical Image Analysis. Method and Applications
Martin Baatz, Arno Schäpe, Günter Schmidt, Maria Athelogou, Gerd Binnig

7. The Use of Fractal Analysis for the Quantification of Oocyte Cytoplasm Morphology
G. A. Losa, V. Peretti, F. Ciotola, N. Cocchia, G. Vico

8. Fractal Analysis: Pitfalls and Revelations in Neuroscience
H.F. Jelinek, N. Elston, B. Zietsch

9. Ongoing Hippocampal Neuronal Activity in Human: Is it Noise or Correlated Fractal Process?
Joydeep Bhattacharya, Jessica Edwards, Adam Mamelak, Erin M. Schuamn

10. Do Mental and Social Processes have a Self-similar Structure? The Hypothesis of Fractal Affect-Logic
L. Ciompi, M. Baatz

11. Scaling Properties of Cerebral Hemodynamics
M. Latka, M. Turalska, D. Kolodziej, D. Latka, B. Goldstein, B.J. West

12. A Multifractal Dynamical Model of Human Gait
Bruce J. West, Nicola Scafetta

13. Dual Antagonistic Autonomic Control Necessary for 1/f Scaling in Heart Rate
Zbigniew R. Struzik, Junichiro Hayano, Seiichiro Sakata, Shin Kwak, Yoshiharu Yamamoto

14. Tissue Architecture and Cell Morphology of Squamous Cell Carcinomas Compared to Granular Cell Tumours’ Pseudo-epitheliomatous Hyperplasia and to Normal Oral Mucosae
R. Abu-Eid, G. Landini

15. Statistical Shape Analysis Applied to Automatic Recognition of Tumor Cells
A. Micheletti

16. Fractal Analysis of Monolayer Cell Nuclei from Two Different Prognostic Classes of Early Ovarian Cancer
B. Nielsen, F. Albregtsen, H.E. Danielsen

17. Fractal Analysis of Vascular Network Pattern in Human Diseases
G. Bianciardi, C. Felice, R. Cattaneo, S. Parrini, A. Monaco, G. Latini

18. Quantification of Local Architecture Changes Associated with Neoplastic Progression in Oral Epithelium using Graph Theory
G. Landini, I.E. Othman

19. Fractal Analysis of Canine Trichoblastoma
G. Vico, M. Cataldi, P. Maiolino, S. Beltraminelli, G.A. Losa

20. Fractal Dimension as a Novel Clinical Parameter in Evaluation of the Urodynamic Curves
P. Waliszewski, U. Rebmann, J. Konarski

21. Nonlinear Dynamics in Uterine Contractions Analysis
E. Oczeretko, A. Kitlas, J. Swiatecka, M. Borowska, T. Laudanski

22. Computer-Aided Estimate and Modelling of the Geometrical Complexity of the Corneal Stroma
Fabio Grizzi, Carlo Russo, Ingrid Torres-Munoz, Barbara Franceschini, Paolo Vinciguerra, Nicola Dioguardi

23. Complex-Dynamical Extension of the Fractal Paradigm and its Applications in Life Sciences
A.P. Kirilyuk

24. Fractal-like Features of Dinosaur Eggshells
M.V. Rusu, S. Gheorghiu

25. Evolution and Regulation of Metabolic Networks
Giuseppe Damiani

26. Cytoskeleton as a Fractal Percolation Cluster: Some Biological Remarks
Silvano Traverso

27. A Mystery of the Gompertz Function
P. Waliszewski, J. Konarski

28. Fractional Calculus and Symbolic Solution of Fractional Differential Equations
G. Baumann

29. Fox-Function Representation of a Generalized Arrhenius Law and Applications
Theo F. Nonnenmacher


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