Alpay, D.

Recent Advances in Operator Theory and its Applications

Alpay, D. - Recent Advances in Operator Theory and its Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Inverse Scattering with Rational Scattering Coefficients and Wave Propagation in Nonhomogeneous Media
Tuncay Aktosun, Michael H. Borkowski, Alyssa J. Cramer, Lance C. Pittman

2. Aluthge Transforms and the Convex Hull of the Spectrum of a Hilbert Space Operator
Tsuyoshi Ando

3. Maximal Nevanlinna-Pick Interpolation for Points in the Open Unit Disc
W. Bhosri, A.E. Frazho, B. Yagci

4. On the Numerical Solution of a Nonlinear Integral Equation of Prandtl’s Type
M.R. Capobianco, G. Criscuolo, P. Junghanns

5. Fourier Integral Operators and Gelfand-Shilov Spaces
Marco Cappiello

6. Strongly Regular J-inner Matrix-valued Functions and Inverse Problems for Canonical Systems
Damir Z. Arov, Harry Dym

7. Regularization Processes for Real Functions and Ill-posed Toeplitz Problems
Claudio Estatico

8. Minimal State-space Realization for a Class of nD Systems
K. Galkowski

9. Continuity in Weighted Besov Spaces for Pseudodifferential Operators with Non-regular Symbols
Gianluca Garello, Alessandro Morando

10. A New Proof of an Ellis-Gohberg Theorem on Orthogonal Matrix Functions Related to the Nehari Problem
G.J. Groenewald, M.A. Kaashoek

11. Schur-type Algorithms for the Solution of Hermitian Toeplitz Systems via Factorization
Georg Heinig, Karla Rost

12. Almost Pontryagin Spaces
M. Kaltenbäck, H. Winkler, H. Woracek

13. Multivariable ?-contractions
Dmitry S. Kalyuzhnyi-Verbovetzkii

14. The Singularly Continuous Spectrum and Non-Closed Invariant Subspaces
Vadim Kostrykin, Konstantin A. Makarov

15. Numerical Methods for Cauchy Singular Integral Equations in Spaces of Weighted Continuous Functions
G. Mastroianni, M.G. Russo, W. Themistoclakis

16. On a Gevrey-Nonsolvable Partial Differential Operator
Alessandro Oliaro

17. Optimal Prediction of Generalized Stationary Processes
Vadim Olshevsky, Lev Sakhnovich

18. Symmetries of 2D Discrete-Time Linear Systems
Paula Rocha, Paolo Vettori, Jan C. Willems

19. An Algorithm for Solving Toeplitz Systems by Embedding in Infinite Systems
G. Rodriguez, S. Seatzu, D. Theis

20. Fredholm Theory and Numerical Linear Algebra
Bernd Silbermann

21. Additive and Multiplicative Perturbations of Exponentially Dichotomous Operators on General Banach Spaces
Cornelis V.M. Mee, André C.M. Ran

22. Factorization of Block Triangular Matrix Functions with Off-diagonal Binomials
Cornelis V.M. Mee, Leiba Rodman, Ilya M. Spitkovsky

23. Closely Connected Unitary Realizations of the Solutions to the Basic Interpolation Problem for Generalized Schur Functions
Gerald Wanjala

24. Trace-Class Weyl Transforms
M.W. Wong


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