Bruin, Marcel G.

Trends and Applications in Constructive Approximation

Bruin, Marcel G. - Trends and Applications in Constructive Approximation, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Best Poisson Approximation of Poisson Mixtures. A Linear Operator Approach
José Antonio Adell, Alberto Lekuona

2. On Some Classes of Diffusion Equations and Related Approximation Problems
Francesco Altomare, Ioan Rasa

3. Recent Developments in Barycentric Rational Interpolation
Jean-Paul Berrut, Richard Baltensperger, Hans D. Mittelmann

4. Approximation on Simplices and Orthogonal Polynomials
Dietrich Braess

5. (0, 2) Pál-type Interpolation: A General Method for Regularity
Marcel G. Bruin, Detlef H. Mache

6. Sufficient Convergence Conditions for Certain Accelerated Successive Approximations
Emil CAtinas

7. The Combined Shepard-Lidstone Bivariate Operator
Teodora CAtinas

8. Local RBF Approximation for Scattered Data Fitting with Bivariate Splines
Oleg Davydov, Alessandra Sestini, Rossana Morandi

9. Evolutionary Optimization of Neural Systems: The Use of Strategy Adaptation
Christian Igel, Stefan Wiegand, Frauke Friedrichs

10. Finding Relevant Input Arguments with Radial Basis Function Networks
Detlef H. Mache, Jennifer Meyer

11. Subdivision Schemes and Non Nested Grids
Marie-Laurence Mazure

12. A Markov-Bernstein Inequality for Gaussian Networks
H.N. Mhaskar

13. TS Control — The Link between Fuzzy Control and Classical Control Theory
Kai Michels

14. Polynomial Bases for Continuous Function Spaces
Josef Obermaier, Ryszard Szwarc

15. Novel Simulation Approaches for Cyclic Steady-state Fixed-bed Processes Exhibiting Sharp Fronts and Shocks
Frank Platte, Dmitri Kuzmin, Christoph Fredebeul, Stefan Turek

16. Semigroups Associated to Mache Operators (II)
Ioan Rasa

17. Recent Progress on Univariate and Multivariate Polynomial and Spline Quasi-interpolants
Paul Sablonnière

18. A Strong Converse Result for Approximation by Weighted Bernstein Polynomials on the Real Line
Jozsef Szabados

19. Rprop Using the Natural Gradient
Christian Igel, Marc Toussaint, Wan Weishui

20. Some Properties of Quasi-orthogonal and Para-orthogonal Polynomials. A Survey
Biancamaria Vecchia, Giuseppe Mastroianni, Peter Vértesi


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Natural Sciences

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