Gaşpar, Dumitru

Recent Advances in Operator Theory, Operator Algebras, and their Applications

Gaşpar, Dumitru - Recent Advances in Operator Theory, Operator Algebras, and their Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

1. On Existence of Solutions of Semilinear Impulsive Functional Differential Equations with Nonlocal Conditions
Haydar Akça, Valéry Covachev, Eada Al-Zahrani

2. On Banach-Lie Algebras, Spectral Decompositions and Complex Polarizations
Daniel Beltita

3. Commuting Triples of Subnormal Operators and Related Moment Problems
Tudor Bjnzar, Doru Paunescu

4. The Equality of the Reduced and the Full C*-Algebras and the Amenability of a Topological Groupoid
Madalina Buneci

5. ?-Numerical Radius in Banach Spaces
Laurent Carrot

6. Generalized Toeplitz Operators and Cyclic Vectors
G. Cassier, H. Mahzouli, E.H. Zerouali

7. Statistical Properties of Disordered Quantum Systems
Francesco Fidaleo, Carlangelo Liverani

8. On Operator Periodically Correlated Random Fields
Pastorel Gaspar

9. Weighted Composition Operators on Hardy and Bergman Spaces
Romesh Kumar, Jonathan R. Partington

10. Integral Transforms Controlled by Maximal Functions
Mircea Martin, Pawel Szeptycki

11. Uniform Exponential Dichotomy and Admissibility for Linear Skew-Product Semiflows
Mihail Megan, Adina Luminita Sasu, Bogdan Sasu

12. On a Class of Stochastic Integral Operators of McShane Type
Romeo Negrea

13. Regularized Traces of Differential Operators
A.S. Pechentsov

14. Irreducible Subfactors Derived from Popa’s Construction for Non-Tracial States
Florin Radulescu

15. The Structure of some C*-Algebras Generated by N Idempotents
Mikhail Shchukin, Elena Vatkina

16. Transfer Functions for “Curved” Conservative Systems
Alexey Tikhonov

17. On the Distance between an Operator and an Ideal
Nicolae Tita

18. The Gamma Element for Groups which Admit a Uniform Embedding into Hilbert Space
Jean-Louis Tu

19. Uniform Exponential Stability and Uniform Observability of Time-Varying Linear Stochastic Systems in Hilbert Spaces
Viorica Mariela Ungureanu

20. B(H)-Commutators: A Historical Survey
Gary Weiss

21. Semiclassical Weyl Formula for Elliptic Operators with Non-Smooth Coefficients
Lech Zielinski


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Natural Sciences

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