Belyaev, Alexander K.

Mechanics and Model-Based Control of Advanced Engineering Systems

Belyaev, Alexander K. - Mechanics and Model-Based Control of Advanced Engineering Systems, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Wave Propagation in Functionally Graded Material Bar Due to Collision
Tadaharu Adachi, Masahiro Higuchi

2. Rough Dynamic Response Prediction for Simple Railway Bridges Subjected to High-Speed Trains
Christoph Adam, Patrick Salcher

3. Speed-Gradient Control of Mechanical Systems with Constraints
M. S. Ananyevskiy, A. L. Fradkov

4. About Coupling of the Block Elements
V. A. Babeshko, O. V. Evdokimova, O. M. Babeshko

5. Fractional Derivatives Appearing in Some Dynamic Problems
Alexander K. Belyaev

6. Hydroelastic Stability of Single and Coaxial Cylindrical Shells Interacting with Axial and Rotational Fluid Flows
S. A. Bochkarev, V. P. Matveenko

7. Flexible Robots: Modelling and Simulation
Hartmut Bremer

8. Structural Monitoring Through Acquisition of Images
Fabio Casciati, Li Jun Wu

9. SMA Passive Elements for Damping in the Stayed Cables of Bridges
Sara Casciati, Antonio Isalgue, Vincenc Torra, Patrick Terriault

10. Temperature Effects on the Response of the Bridge “ÖBB Brücke Großhaslau”
Lucia Faravelli, Daniele Bortoluzzi, Thomas B. Messervey, Ladislav Sasek

11. Controlled Passage Through Resonance for Two-Rotor Vibration Unit
A. L. Fradkov, D. A. Tomchin, O. P. Tomchina

12. High-Strength Network Structure of Jungle-Gym Type Polyimide Gels Studied with Scanning Microscopic Light Scattering
Hidemitsu Furukawa, Noriko Tan, Yosuke Watanabe, Jin Gong, M. Hasnat Kabir, Ruri Hidema, Yoshiharu Miyashita, Kazuyuki Horie, Rikio Yokota

13. Extension of the Body Force Analogy to Generalized Thermoelasticity
Toshio Furukawa

14. Active Vibration and Noise Control of a Car Engine: Modeling and Experimental Validation
Ulrich Gabbert, Stefan Ringwelski

15. Magnetic Techniques for Estimating Elastic and Plastic Strains in Steels Under Cyclic Loading
E. S. Gorkunov, R. A. Savrai, A. V. Makarov

16. Induction Machine Torque Control with Self-Tuning Capabilities
Bojan Grcar, Anton Hofer, Gorazd Stumberger, Peter Cafuta

17. On Equivalences in the Dynamic Analysis of Layered Structures
Rudolf Heuer

18. Turbulent Flow Characteristics Controlled by Polymers
Ruri Hidema, Naoya Yamada, Hiroshi Suzuki, Hidemitsu Furukawa

19. Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Functionally Graded Syntactic Epoxy Foam
Masahiro Higuchi, Tadaharu Adachi

20. Problems of Describing Phase Transitions in Solids
D. A. Indeitsev, D. Yu. Skubov, D. S. Vavilov

21. A Non-linear Theory for Piezoelectric Beams
Hans Irschik, Alexander Humer, Johannes Gerstmayr

22. Nonlinear Analysis of Phase-Locked Loop (PLL): Global Stability Analysis, Hidden Oscillations and Simulation Problems
G. A. Leonov, N. V. Kuznetsov

23. Constitutive Models for Anisotropic Materials Susceptible to Loading Conditions
E. V. Lomakin, B. N. Fedulov, A. M. Melnikov

24. Applicability of Various Fracture Mechanics Approaches for Short Fiber Reinforced Injection Molded Polymer Composites and Components
Z. Major, M. Miron, M. Reiter, Tadaharu Adachi

25. The Deformation–Diffusion Coupling in Thin Elastomeric Gels
Takuya Morimoto, Hiroshi Iizuka

26. Elastoplastic Analogy Constitutive Model for Rate-Dependent Frictional Sliding
Shingo Ozaki, Koichi Hashiguchi

27. Improved Position Control of a Mechanical System Using Terminal Attractors
Markus Reichhartinger, Martin Horn

28. Convex Design for Lateral Control of a Blended Wing Body Aircraft
Alexander Schirrer, Martin Kozek, Stefan Jakubek

29. Observability and Reachability, a Geometric Point of View
Kurt Schlacher, Markus Schöberl

30. The Model of a Deformable String with Discontinuities at Spatial Description in the Dynamics of a Belt Drive
Yury Vetyukov, Vladimir Eliseev

31. Doppler Effects for Dispersive Waves in Beam and Plate with a Moving Edge
Kazumi Watanabe

32. Effect of Road Surface Roughness on Extraction of Bridge Frequencies by Moving Vehicle
Y. B. Yang, Y. C. Lee, K. C. Chang

Keywords: Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Mechatronics, Structural Mechanics

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18 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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