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Molecular Vaccines

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Table of contents

Part I. Molecular Vaccines – from Prophylaxis to Therapy

1. From Pasteur to Personalized Vaccines
Matthias Giese

Part II. Vaccine Immunology

2. Basic Vaccine Immunology
Matthias Giese

3. Gut Immunology and Oral Vaccination
Sharon M. Tennant, Khitam Muhsen, Marcela F. Pasetti

4. Pediatric Immunology and Vaccinology
Sofia Ygberg, Anna Nilsson

Part III. Vaccines for Infectious Diseases

5. Subunit Vaccine Candidates Engineered from the Central Conserved Region of the RSV G Protein Aimed for Parenteral or Mucosal Delivery
Thien N. Nguyen, Christine Libon, Stefan Ståhl

6. Ebolavirus Vaccines
Thomas Hoenen

7. Experimental Dengue Vaccines
Sathyamangalam Swaminathan, Navin Khanna

8. Virus-like Particle Vaccines for Norovirus Gastroenteritis
Qiang Chen

9. Toward a New Vaccine Against Measles
Alexander N. Zakhartchouk, George K. Mutwiri

10. Development of Subunit Vaccines Against Shigellosis: An Update
Francisco J. Martinez-Becerra, Olivia Arizmendi, Jamie C. Greenwood, Wendy L. Picking

11. Development of Subunit Vaccines for Group A Streptococcus
Colleen Olive

12. Vaccination Against Malaria Parasites: Paradigms, Perils, and Progress
Noah S. Butler

13. TB Vaccines: State of the Art and Progresses
Rogério Silva Rosada, Rodrigo Ferracine Rodrigues, Fabiani Gai Frantz, Frederico Gonzalez Colombo Arnoldi, Lucimara Gaziola Torre, Celio Lopes Silva

14. Paracoccidioidomycosis: Advance Towards a Molecular Vaccine
Luiz R. Travassos, Glauce M. G. Rittner, Carlos P. Taborda

15. Oral Vaccination of Honeybees Against Varroa Destructor
Sebastian Giese, Matthias Giese

16. Lyme Disease: Reservoir-Targeted Vaccines
Maria Gomes-Solecki

17. Anti-tick Vaccines for the Control of Ticks Affecting Livestock
Cassandra Olds, Richard Bishop, Claudia Daubenberger

18. Development of Safe and Efficacious Bluetongue Virus Vaccines
Polly Roy, Meredith Stewart

19. Non-typhoidal Salmonellosis
Beatriz San Román, Victoria Garrido, María-Jesús Grilló

Part IV. Cancer Vaccines

20. Cancer Vaccines and the Potential Benefit of Combination with Standard Cancer Therapies
Eva Ellebæk, Mads Hald Andersen, Inge Marie Svane

21. Personalized Peptide Vaccine as a Novel Immunotherapy Against Advanced Cancer
Nobukazu Komatsu, Satoko Matsueda, Masanori Noguchi, Akira Yamada, Kyogo Itoh, Tetsuro Sasada

22. Molecular Immunotherapeutics and Vaccines for Renal Cell Carcinoma and Its Vasculature
Nina Chi Sabins, Jennifer L. Taylor, Devin B. Lowe, Walter J. Storkus

23. Lung Cancer Immunotherapy: Programmatic Development, Progress, and Perspectives
Edward A. Hirschowitz, Terry H. Foody, John R. Yannelli

24. Melanoma: Perspectives of a Vaccine Based on Peptides
Mariana H. Massaoka, Alisson L. Matsuo, Jorge A. B. Scutti, Denise C. Arruda, Aline N. Rabaça, Carlos R. Figueiredo, Camyla F. Farias, Natalia Girola, Luiz R. Travassos

25. Parvoviruses: The Friendly Anticancer Immunomodulator
Zahari Raykov, Svitlana P. Grekova, Assia L. Angelova, Jean Rommelaere

26. Dendritic Cells Pulsed with Viral Oncolysate
Philippe Fournier, Volker Schirrmacher

Keywords: Biomedicine, Vaccine, Immunology, Molecular Medicine

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