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Minimally Invasive Spinal Deformity Surgery

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Table of contents

Part I. Deformity Surgery Principles

1. The Epidemiology of Adult Spinal Deformity and the Aging Population
Joseph S. Cheng, Jonathan Forbes, Cyrus Wong, Edward Perry

2. Classification Schema for Scoliosis
Olaolu C. Akinbo, Tsung-Hsi Tu, John E. Ziewacz, Praveen V. Mummaneni

3. Indications for Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery
Jeffrey H. Weinreb, Kristina L. Bianco, Virginie Lafage, Frank Schwab

4. Sagittal Balance
Jeffrey B. Knox, Baron S. Lonner

5. Lumbopelvic Parameters
Manish K. Kasliwal, Justin S. Smith, Manish Singh, Christopher I. Shaffrey

6. The Importance of the Fractional Curve
Michael Y. Wang

7. Radiation Safety
D. Greg Anderson

8. Costs of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
Kevin S. Cahill

9. The MiSLAT Algorithm: Minimally Invasive Evaluation and Treatment for Adult Degenerative Deformity
Praveen V. Mummaneni, Michael Y. Wang, Fernando E. Silva, Lawrence G. Lenke, John E. Ziewacz, Beejal Y. Amin, Tsung-Hsi Tu

Part II. Percutaneous Segmental Fixation

10. Fluoroscopic Techniques in MIS Surgery
D. Greg Anderson

11. Image Guidance for Minimally Invasive Deformity Surgery
Roger Härtl

12. Nuances of Percutaneous Thoracolumbar Pedicle Screw Fixation
D. Greg Anderson

13. Rod Contouring, Passage, and Connection
Bernhard Meyer, Michelle Falcone, Michael Y. Wang, Yi Lu, Steven Wu

14. Percutaneous Sacropelvic Fixation
Michael Y. Wang

15. Management of Osteoporotic Bone
John E. Ziewacz, Darryl Lau, Sigurd H. Berven, Armed J. Awad, Praveen V. Mummaneni

16. Minimally Invasive Cement-Augmented Pedicle Screw Fixation
Brian Hood, Steven Vanni

Part III. Posterior Approaches

17. Interbody Cage Options
Asdrubal Falavigna

18. Multilevel TLIF for Spinal Deformity
Yi Lu, Michelle M. Falcone, Michael Y. Wang, Steven Wu

19. Expandable Cages for Thoracic Spinal Deformity
Paul E. Kaloostian, Daniel M. Sciubba

20. Expandable Cages for Lumbar Spinal Deformity
Michael Y. Wang

21. Lumbar Endoscopic Fusion
Gun Choi, Guilherme Pereira Corrêa Meyer, Daniel H. Kim

22. Minimally Invasive Osteotomy Techniques
Michael Y. Wang

Part IV. Lateral Approaches

23. Thoracoscopic Approaches
Jonathan D. Choi, Robert E. Isaacs

24. Role of Neuromonitoring in Minimally Invasive Lateral Approaches to the Spine
Khoi D. Than, Anthony C. Wang, Brian Bush, Paul Park, Frank Marca

25. Lateral Interbody Decompression and Fusion: Which Side to Approach From?
Andrew A. Sama

26. Stand-Alone Lateral Surgery for Spinal Deformity
Amir Ahmadian, Juan S. Uribe

27. Complications of the Lateral Lumbar Transpsoas Approach
Adam S. Kanter, Matthew B. Maserati

28. Minimally Invasive Anterior Column Reconstruction for Sagittal Plane Deformities
Armen Deukmedjian, Juan S. Uribe

29. MIS Thoracic Interbody Surgery
Kai-Michael Scheufler

Part V. Dealing with the Lumbo-Pelvic Junction

30. Mini-Open ALIF for Fusing the Lumbosacral Junction
Robert Watkins, Salvadore Brau

31. Presacral Approach for Discectomy and Interbody Fusion in the Setting of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Deformity Correction
Neel Anand, Eli M. Baron

32. Minimally Invasive Sacroiliac Joint Fusion
Yi Lu, Steven Wu

Part VI. Achieving Intersegmental Arthodesis

33. Bone Graft Extenders
Sonia Teufack, James Harrop, Srinivas Prasad

34. Minimally Invasive Wiltse Approaches for Posterolateral Fusion
Steve Ritland

35. Minimally Invasive Thoracolumbar Facet Joint Fusion
Oliver Tannous, Kelley Banagan, Steven C. Ludwig

Part VII. Future Directions

36. Clinical Research in MIS Surgery: Current State and Future Challenges
Christina L. Goldstein, Y. Raja Rampersaud

37. MIS in Adolescent Deformity
Firoz Miyanji

38. The Future of MIS Spine Surgery
Richard G. Fessler

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics

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