Dongen, Joost T. van

Low-Oxygen Stress in Plants

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Table of contents

Part I. Sensing and Signalling Hypoxic Stress

1. Oxygen Perception in Plants
Monika Kosmacz, Daan A. Weits

2. Oxidative Stress Components Explored in Anoxic and Hypoxic Global Gene Expression Data
Olga B. Blokhina, Petri Törönen, Kurt V. Fagerstedt

3. Low Oxygen Stress, Nonsymbiotic Hemoglobins, NO, and Programmed Cell Death
Abir U. Igamberdiev, Claudio Stasolla, Robert D. Hill

4. Intracellular pH Regulation of Plant Cells Under Anaerobic Conditions
Kimiharu Ishizawa

Part II. Molecular Responses

5. Transcriptional Regulation Under Low Oxygen Stress in Plants
Beatrice Giuntoli, Pierdomenico Perata

6. Selective mRNA Translation Tailors Low Oxygen Energetics
Reed Sorenson, Julia Bailey-Serres

7. Role of Ethylene and Other Plant Hormones in Orchestrating the Responses to Low Oxygen Conditions
Bianka Steffens, Margret Sauter

Part III. Metabolic Responses

8. Insights into Algal Fermentation
Wenqiang Yang, Claudia Catalanotti, Matthew C. Posewitz, Jean Alric, Arthur R. Grossman

9. Hypoxic Energy Metabolism and PPi as an Alternative Energy Currency
Angelika Mustroph, Natalia Hess, Rashmi Sasidharan

10. Oxygen Consumption Under Hypoxic Conditions
Carola Päpke, Santiago Ramirez-Aguilar, Carla Antonio

11. Adaptations of Nitrogen Metabolism to Oxygen Deprivation in Plants
Anis M. Limami

12. Adaptation of Storage Metabolism to Oxygen Deprivation
Peter Geigenberger

Part IV. Morphological Adaptations

13. Aerenchyma Formation in Plants
Hirokazu Takahashi, Takaki Yamauchi, Timothy David Colmer, Mikio Nakazono

14. Plant Internal Oxygen Transport (Diffusion and Convection) and Measuring and Modelling Oxygen Gradients
W. Armstrong, J. Armstrong

15. Biogenesis of Adventitious Roots and Their Involvement in the Adaptation to Oxygen Limitations
Margret Sauter, Bianka Steffens

Part V. Ecophysiological Adaptations

16. Underwater Photosynthesis and Internal Aeration of Submerged Terrestrial Wetland Plants
Ole Pedersen, Timothy D. Colmer

17. Different Survival Strategies Amongst Plants to Cope with Underwater Conditions
Hans Veen, Divya Vashisht, Laurentius A. C. J. Voesenek, Rashmi Sasidharan

Part VI. Agronomical and Horticultural Aspects of Low-Oxygen Stress

18. Hypoxic Storage of Fruit
Quang Tri Ho, Kim Buts, Els Herremans, Maarten L. A. T. M. Hertog, Pieter Verboven, Bart M. Nicolaï

19. Low Oxygen Stress in Horticultural Practice
Wessel L. Holtman, Berry J. Oppedijk, Marco Vennik, Bert Duijn

20. Inducing Hypoxic Stress Responses by Herbicides That Inhibit Amino Acid Biosynthesis
Ana Zabalza, Mercedes Royuela

Part VII. Technical Advances

21. Methods and Techniques to Measure Molecular Oxygen in Plants
Cindy Ast, Arie Draaijer

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Physiology, Plant Biochemistry, Plant Ecology

Publication year
Plant Cell Monographs
Natural Sciences

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