Jolkkonen, Jukka

Cell-Based Therapies in Stroke

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Table of contents

1. Cell Therapy and Structural Plasticity Following Cerebral Ischemia
Stanley Hoang, Henry Jung, Tonya Bliss, Gary Steinberg

2. Delivery Routes for Cell Therapy in Stroke
Alison E. Willing, Md Shahaduzzaman

3. Different Sources of Stem Cells for Transplantation Therapy in Stroke
Travis Dailey, David J. Eve, Naoki Tajiri, Tsz Lau, Yusef Mosley, Harry Loveren, Paul R. Sanberg, Yuji Kaneko, Cesario V. Borlongan

4. Efficacy of Transplant and Endogenous Precursor and Stem Cell Interventions on Stroke Recovery: A Critical Assessment
Dale Corbett, Cindi Morshead, Molly Shoichet

5. Cell Labeling Methods for Noninvasive MR Imaging of Stem Cells
Jeff W. M. Bulte

6. Strategies for Enhanced, MRI-Guided Targeting of Stem Cells to Stroke Lesions
Michael Gorelik, Piotr Walczak

7. Image-Guided Injection and Noninvasive Monitoring of Tissue Regeneration in the Stroke-Damaged Brain
Chung-Hsing Chou, Francesca Nicholls, Michel Modo

8. Tracking of Autologous VSOP-Labeled Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the Sheep Brain Using 3.0 T MRI
Antje Y. Dreyer, Donald Lobsien, Claudia Pösel, Karl-Titus Hoffmann, Björn Nitzsche, Matthias Findeisen, Albrecht Stroh, Johannes Boltze

9. Neural Stem Cell Mapping with High-Resolution Rapid-Scanning X-Ray Fluorescence Imaging
Angela M. Auriat, Helen Nichol, Michael Kelly, Raphael Guzman

10. In Vivo Biodistribution Studies and Cell Tracking in Stroke Using SPECT Imaging
Mari Raki, Kim Bergström, Jukka Jolkkonen

11. Clinical Trials: Intracerebral Cell Therapy in Stroke Patients
Douglas Kondziolka, Gillian Harrison, Lawrence Wechsler

12. Intravenous Cell Therapies for Stroke
Osman Mir, Aditya P. Lal, Farhaan Vahidy, Kaushik Parsha, Sean I. Savitz

13. Intra-arterial Cell Therapy in Stroke Patients
Gabriel R. Freitas, Rosália Mendez-Otero

14. Intraventricular Route of Cell Transplantation for Stroke-Related Diseases: Rationale, Risk, and Early Clinical Experience
Miroslaw Janowski

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Neurology, Imaging / Radiology, Neurosciences

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