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Climate Change

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Table of contents

1. Science, Politics, and Public Perceptions of Climate Change
Richard C. J. Somerville

2. Paleoclimate Implications for Human-Made Climate Change
James E. Hansen, Makiko Sato

3. Simulation of Glacial Cycles with an Earth System Model
Andrey Ganopolski, Reinhard Calov

4. Modeling the Interglacials of the Last 1 Million Years
André Berger, Qiuzhen Yin

5. Relating the Astronomical Timescale to the Loess–Paleosol Sequences in Vojvodina, Northern Serbia
Slobodan B. Marković, Ulrich Hambach, Thomas Stevens, Biljana Basarin, Ken O’Hara-Dhand, Momčilo M. Gavrilov, Milivoj B. Gavrilov, Ian Smalley, Nenad Teofanov

6. A Spatial View on Temperature Change and Variability During the Last Deglaciation: A Model Analysis
Didier M. Roche, Hans Renssen, Didier Paillard

7. Perspectives of Parameter and State Estimation in Paleoclimatology
André Paul, Martin Losch

8. A Brief History of the Astronomical Theories of Paleoclimates
André Berger

9. Canon of Eccentricity: How Milanković Built a General Mathematical Theory of Insolation
Aleksandar Petrović

10. Exaggerated Milankovitch-Like Eccentricity Cycles and Extreme Exoplanet Climate Variation
David S. Spiegel, Sean N. Raymond, Courtney D. Dressing, Caleb A. Scharf, Jonathan L. Mitchell

11. Aquatic Vegetation in River Floodplains: Climate Change Effects, River Restoration and Ecohydrology Aspects
Georg A. Janauer

12. Canadian Regional Climate Model as a Tool for Assessing Hydrological Impacts of Climate Change at the Watershed Scale
Biljana Music, Daniel Caya, Anne Frigon, André Musy, René Roy, David Rodenhuis

13. Analysis of the Changes of the Streamflows in Serbia Due to Climate Changes
Dejan Dimkić, Jovan Despotović

14. Considerations of Domain Size and Large-Scale Driving for Nested Regional Climate Models: Impact on Internal Variability and Ability at Developing Small-Scale Details
René Laprise, Dragana Kornic, Maja Rapaić, Leo Šeparović, Martin Leduc, Oumarou Nikiema, Alejandro Luca, Emilia Diaconescu, Adelina Alexandru, Philippe Lucas-Picher, Ramón Elía, Daniel Caya, Sébastien Biner

15. Value Added in Regional Climate Modeling: Should One Aim to Improve on the Large Scales as Well?
Fedor Mesinger, Katarina Veljovic, Michael J. Fennessy, Eric L. Altshuler

16. Eta Model Simulations and AMSR Images to Study an Event of Polynya at Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica
Sandra Morelli, Flavio Parmiggiani

17. Some Indicators of the Present and Future Climate of Serbia According to the SRES-A1B Scenario
Aleksandra Kržič, Ivana Tošić, Borivoj Rajković, Vladimir Djurdjević

Keywords: Environment, Climate Change, Meteorology/Climatology, Paleontology

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Natural Sciences

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