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Handbook of Burns

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Table of contents

1. Acute stress disorder and post traumatic stress disorder in individuals suffering from burn injury
Sherri Sharp, Walter J. Meyer

2. Long term consequences of burn injuries
Shelley Wiechman

3. Skin architecture and function
Adelheid Elbe-Bürger

4. Burn wound healing: Pathophysiology
Luc Teot, Sami Otman, Antonio Brancati, Rainer Mittermayr

5. Burn scar treatment
Luc Teot, Sami Otman, Antonio Brancati, Rainer Mittermayr

6. Scar assessment
Pauline D. H. M. Verhaegen, Martijn B. A. Wal, Esther Middelkoop, Paul P. M. Zuijlen

7. The future of wound documentation: Three-dimensional, evidence-based, intuitive and thorough
Michael Giretzlehner, Lars-Peter Kamolz, Johannes Dirnberger, Robert Owen

8. Evaluation of mimic function in patients with facial burns by use of the three-dimensional video-analysis
Maria Michaelidou, Manfred Frey

9. Rehabilitation and scar management
Lars-Peter Kamolz, Marc G. Jeschke

10. Exercise
Karen J. Kowalske, Serina J. McEntire, Oscar E. Suman

11. Principles of burn reconstruction
Lars-Peter Kamolz, David B. Lumenta

12. Tissue expanders in burn surgery
Norbert Pallua, Erhan Demir

13. Burn reconstruction: Skin substitutes and tissue engineering
Raymund E. Horch, Volker J. Schmidt

14. Twelve year follow-up: A clinical study on dermal regeneration
Monica C. T. Bloemen, Paul P. M. Zuijlen, Esther Middelkoop

15. Generation of adipose tissue based on tissue engineering: An overview
Maike Keck, David B. Lumenta, Lars-Peter Kamolz

16. Burn reconstruction: Neck region
Norbert Pallua, Erhan Demir

17. Burn reconstruction: Eye region
Andreas Heckmann, Peter M. Vogt

18. Reconstruction of the post burn ear
Andrew Burd

19. Reconstruction of the perioral region after facial burns
Timo Alexander Spanholtz, Riccardo E. Giunta

20. Nasal reconstruction
Lars-Peter Kamolz, Maike Keck, Harald Selig, David B. Lumenta

21. Reconstruction/Correction of burn alopecia
Lars-Peter Kamolz, Maike Keck, Harald Selig, David B. Lumenta

22. Burn reconstruction: Breast
Eva Koellensperger, Guenter Germann

23. Reconstruction of burn deformities of the lower extremity
Christian Ottomann, Bernd Hartmann

24. Thermal injuries to the foot
Thilo Schenck, Riccardo E. Giunta

25. Burn reconstruction: Hand and upper extremity
Hugo Benito Kitzinger, Birgit Karle, Manfred Frey

26. Burn reconstruction — Future perspectives: Facial transplantation
Maria Siemionow, Fatih Zor

27. Modern myoprostheses in electric burn injuries of the upper extremity
Oskar C. Aszmann, Hans Diet, Tatjana Paternostro, Manfred Frey

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Rehabilitation

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336 pages
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