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Table of contents

Section I. Taxonomy and Epidemiology of Giardia

1. Taxonomy of Giardia Species
R. C. Andrew Thompson, Paul T. Monis

2. Epidemiology of Giardiasis in Humans
Simone M. Cacciò, Hein Sprong

3. Waterborne and Environmentally-Borne Giardiasis
Lucy J. Robertson, Yvonne Ai Lian Lim

Giardia in Pets and Farm Animals, and Their Zoonotic Potential
Thomas Geurden, Merle Olson

Section II. Molecular Biology of Giardia

5. Genomics of Giardia

Hilary G. Morrison, Staffan Svärd

6. The Glycoproteins of Giardia

John Samuelson, Phillips W. Robbins

7. Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Phospholipids and Fatty Acids in Giardia lamblia

Mayte Yichoy, Ernesto S. Nakayasu, Atasi Chatterjee, Stephen B. Aley, Igor C. Almeida, Siddhartha Das

Giardia Metabolism
Edward L. Jarroll, Harry Keulen, Timothy A. Paget, Donald G. Lindmark

Section III. Cellular Biology of Giardia

9. The Ultrastructure of Giardia During Growth and Differentiation
Marlene Benchimol, Wanderley Souza

10. Cell Cycle Regulation and Cell Division in Giardia

Scott C. Dawson, Eva Nohýnková, Michael Cipriano

11. The Giardia Mitosomes
Jan Tachezy, Pavel Doležal

12. Signaling Pathways in Giardia lamblia

Tineke Lauwaet, Frances D. Gillin

13. Transcription and Recombination in Giardia

Rodney D. Adam

14. Intracellular Protein Trafficking
Adrian B. Hehl

15. Post-transcriptional Gene Silencing and Translation in Giardia

Pablo R. Gargantini, César G. Prucca, Hugo D. Luján

16. Antigenic Variation in Giardia

Theodore E. Nash

Section IV. Pathology, Treatment and Diagnostics of Giardia and the Host Immune Response

17. Interaction of Giardia with Host Cells
Guadalupe Ortega-Pierres, Maria Luisa Bazán-Tejeda, Rocio Fonseca-Liñán, Rosa María Bermúdez-Cruz, Raúl Argüello-García

18. Primary Microtubule Structures in Giardia

Scott C. Dawson

19. Pathophysiological Processes and Clinical Manifestations of Giardiasis
Andre G. Buret, James Cotton

20. Immunology of Giardiasis
Steven M. Singer

21. Vaccination Against Giardia

Peter Lee, Aws Abdul-Wahid, Gaétan Faubert

22. Diagnosis of Human Giardiasis
Huw V. Smith, Theo G. Mank

Section V. Methods for Giardia Research

23. Methods for Giardia Culture, Cryopreservation, Encystation, and Excystation In Vitro

Barbara J. Davids, Frances D. Gillin

24. Synchronization of Giardia

Karin Troell, Staffan Svärd

25. Methods for Giardia Transfection and Gene Expression
Janet Yee, Joella Joseph

26. Biological Resource Centers for Giardia Research
Robert Molestina, Hugo D. Luján

Keywords: Biomedicine, Parasitology, Eukaryotic Microbiology, Animal Models, Animal Genetics and Genomics

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