Williams, S. Kim R.

Field-Flow Fractionation in Biopolymer Analysis

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Table of contents

1. Flow FFF – Basics and Key Applications
Karl-Gustav Wahlund, Lars Nilsson

2. Assessing Protein-Ultrafiltration Membrane Interactions Using Flow Field-Flow Fractionation
Galina E. Kassalainen, S. Kim Ratanathanawongs Williams

3. Hollow-Fiber Flow Field-Flow Fractionation: A Pipeline to Scale Down Separation and Enhance Detection of Proteins and Cells
Pierluigi Reschiglian, Andrea Zattoni, Barbara Roda, Diana C. Rambaldi, Myeong Hee Moon

4. Two-Dimensional Separation for Proteomic Analysis
Myeong Hee Moon, Ki Hun Kim, Dukjin Kang

5. Field-Flow Fractionation in Therapeutic Protein Development
Joey Pollastrini, Linda O. Narhi, Yijia Jiang, Shawn Cao

6. Assessing and Improving Asymmetric Flow Field-Flow Fractionation of Therapeutic Proteins
Jun Liu, Qing Zhu, Steven J. Shire, Barthélemy Demeule

7. Studies of Loose Protein Aggregates by Flow Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF) Coupled to Multi-Angle Laser Light Scattering (MALLS)
Caroline Palais, Martinus Capelle, Tudor Arvinte

8. Field-Flow Fractionation for Assessing Biomolecular Interactions in Solution
Robert Y. -T. Chou, Joey Pollastrini, Thomas M. Dillon, Pavel V. Bondarenko, Lei-Ting T. Tam, Jill Miller, Michael Moxness, Shawn Cao

9. Flow Field-Flow Fractionation: Analysis of Biomolecules and Their Complexes
Samantha Schachermeyer, Wenwan Zhong

10. Analysis of Prions by Field-Flow Fractionation
Kelly A Barton, Valerie L Sim, Andrew G Hughson, Byron Caughey

11. Multifunctionalized Particles for Biosensor Use
Karin D. Caldwell, Karin Fromell

12. Starch and Other Polysaccharides
Lars Nilsson

13. The Use of Field-Flow Fractionation for the Analysis of Drug and Gene Delivery Systems
Alexandre Moquin, Françoise M. Winnik

14. Characterization of Liposomes by FFF
Susanne K. Wiedmer, Gebrenegus Yohannes

15. Mammalian Cell Sorting with Sedimentation Field-Flow Fractionation
G. Bégaud-Grimaud, S. Battu, D. Leger, P. J. P. Cardot

16. Isolation and Characterization of Cells by Dielectrophoretic Field-Flow Fractionation

Peter R. C. Gascoyne

17. Field-Flow Fractionation Coupled to Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (FFF-ICP-MS): Methodology and Application to Environmental Nanoparticle Research
Emily K. Lesher, Aimee R. Poda, Anthony J. Bednar, James F. Ranville

Keywords: Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences/Technology, Protein Science, Medicinal Chemistry

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10 pages
Natural Sciences

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