Jilin, Li

Constructing a Paradigm for Children’s Contextualized Learning

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Table of contents

Part I. Story of the Beginning: First Steps of Contextualized Learning

1. Insight from Contextualized Learning of Foreign Languages: Thirty Years of Exploration Started from One Piece of Information
Li Jilin

2. Guidance from Chinese Culture: Linking Learning with Life
Li Jilin

3. Using Art to Teach Chinese, and Meeting Children’s Aesthetic Needs
Li Jilin

4. Famous Scholars Visited the Contextualized Class
Li Jilin

5. A Sudden Enlightenment Attained by Reflection—Summarizing the Five Elements Related to Child Development
Li Jilin

Part II. Developmental Necessity: Constructing Contextualized Education

6. Expanding from Contextualized Teaching to Contextualized Education
Li Jilin

7. Constructing Four Basic Modes in Optimal Learning Environment
Li Jilin

8. Far-Reaching Impact Brought by National Academic Seminars
Li Jilin

9. Basic Principles of Active Learning Consistent with Children’s Psychological Inclination
Li Jilin

10. Develop Contextualized Curriculum to Benefit More Children
Li Jilin

11. The Rules Clarified: How the Project Passed Appraisal
Li Jilin

12. “Collected Works of Li Jilin” Was Published and Highly Praised by Academia
Li Jilin

13. Contextualized Learning Spreads to Cities, Villages, Hongkong and Other Parts of the World
Li Jilin

Part III. Absorbing Elements from Traditional Culture and Modern Science

14. Improving Theoretical Framework for Children’s Contextualized Learning
Li Jilin

15. Borrowing Ancient Ideas to Summarize the Core Elements: Truth, Beauty, Emotion, and Imagination
Li Jilin

16. Children’s Contextualized Learning in an Emotional Cognitive Process
Li Jilin

17. Support for Contextualized Learning from New Findings of Brain Science
Li Jilin

18. Four Strategies for Children’s Contextualized Learning
Li Jilin

19. A Chinese Voice in World Curriculum Reform that Receive International Recognition
Li Jilin

20. Forming the School of Contextualized Education
Li Jilin

Keywords: Education, Learning & Instruction, Curriculum Studies, Educational Psychology

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