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Table of contents

1. Systematic Musicology: A Historical Interdisciplinary Perspective
Albrecht Schneider

Part A. Musical Acoustics and Signal Processing

2. Vibrations and Waves
Wilfried Kausel

3. Waves in Two and Three Dimensions
Wilfried Kausel

4. Construction of Wooden Musical Instruments
Chris Waltham, Shigeru Yoshikawa

5. Measurement Techniques
Thomas Moore

6. Some Observations on the Physics of Stringed Instruments
Nicholas Giordano

7. Modeling of Wind Instruments
Benoit Fabre, Joël Gilbert, Avraham Hirschberg

8. Properties of the Sound of Flue Organ Pipes
Judit Angster, András Miklós

9. Percussion Musical Instruments
Andrew C. Morrison, Thomas D. Rossing

10. Musical Instruments as Synchronized Systems
Rolf Bader

11. Room Acoustics – Fundamentals and Computer Simulation
Michael Vorländer

Part B. Signal Processing

12. Music Studio Technology
Robert Mores

13. Delay-Lines and Digital Waveguides
Gary Scavone

14. Convolution, Fourier Analysis, Cross-Correlation and Their Interrelationship
Jonas Braasch

15. Audio Source Separation in a Musical Context
Bryan Pardo, Zafar Rafii, Zhiyao Duan

16. Automatic Score Extraction with Optical Music Recognition (OMR)
Ichiro Fujinaga, Andrew Hankinson, Laurent Pugin

17. Adaptive Musical Control of Time-Frequency Representations
Doug Van Nort, Phillippe Depalle

18. Wave Field Synthesis
Tim Ziemer

19. Finite-Difference Schemes in Musical Acoustics: A Tutorial
Stefan Bilbao, Brian Hamilton, Reginald Harrison, Alberto Torin

20. Real-Time Signal Processing on Field Programmable Gate Array Hardware
Florian Pfeifle

Part C. Music Psychology – Physiology

21. Auditory Time Perception
Simon Grondin, Emi Hasuo, Tsuyoshi Kuroda, Yoshitaka Nakajima

22. Automatic Processing of Musical Sounds in the Human Brain
Elvira Brattico, Chiara Olcese, Mari Tervaniemi

23. Long-Term Memory for Music
Lola L. Cuddy

24. Auditory Working Memory
Katrin Schulze, Stefan Koelsch, Victoria Williamson

25. Musical Syntax I: Theoretical Perspectives
Martin Rohrmeier, Marcus Pearce

26. Musical Syntax II: Empirical Perspectives
Marcus Pearce, Martin Rohrmeier

27. Rhythm and Beat Perception
Tram Nguyen, Aaron Gibbings, Jessica Grahn

28. Music and Action
Giacomo Novembre, Peter E. Keller

29. Music and Emotions
Tuomas Eerola

Part D. Psychophysics/Psychoacoustics

30. Fundamentals
Albrecht Schneider

31. Pitch and Pitch Perception
Albrecht Schneider

32. Perception of Timbre and Sound Color
Albrecht Schneider

33. Sensation of Sound Intensity and Perception of Loudness
Albrecht Schneider

Part E. Music Embodiment

34. What Is Embodied Music Cognition?
Marc Leman, Pieter-Jan Maes, Luc Nijs, Edith Van Dyck

35. Sonic Object Cognition
Rolf Inge Godøy

36. Investigating Embodied Music Cognition for Health and Well-Being
Micheline Lesaffre

37. A Conceptual Framework for Music-Based Interaction Systems
Pieter-Jan Maes, Luc Nijs, Marc Leman

38. Methods for Studying Music-Related Body Motion
Alexander Refsum Jensenius

Part F. Music and Media

39. Content-Based Methods for Knowledge Discovery in Music
Juan Pablo Bello, Peter Grosche, Meinard Müller, Ron Weiss

40. Hearing Aids and Music: Some Theoretical and Practical Issues
Marshall Chasin, Neil S. Hockley

41. Music Technology and Education
Estefanía Cano, Christian Dittmar, Jakob Abeßer, Christian Kehling, Sascha Grollmisch

42. Music Learning: Automatic Music Composition and Singing Voice Assessment
Lorenzo J. Tardón, Isabel Barbancho, Carles Roig, Emilio Molina, Ana M. Barbancho

43. Computational Ethnomusicology: A Study of Flamenco and Arab-Andalusian Vocal Music
Nadine Kroher, Emilia Gómez, Amin Chaachoo, Mohamed Sordo, José-Miguel Díaz-Báñez, Francisco Gómez, Joaquin Mora

44. The Relation Between Music Technology and Music Industry
Alexander Lerch

45. Enabling Interactive and Interoperable Semantic Music Applications
Jesús Corral García, Panos Kudumakis, Isabel Barbancho, Lorenzo J. Tardón, Mark Sandler

46. Digital Sensing of Musical Instruments
Peter Driessen, George Tzanetakis

Part G. Music Ethnology

47. Interaction Between Systematic Musicology and Research on Traditional Music
Jukka Louhivuori

48. Analytical Ethnomusicology: How We Got Out of Analysis and How to Get Back In
Leslie Tilley

49. Musical Systems of Sub-Saharan Africa
Simha Arom

50. Music Among Ethnic Minorities in Southeast Asia
Håkan Lundström

51. Music Archaeology
Ricardo Eichmann

52. The Complex Dynamics of Improvisation
David Borgo

53. Music of Struggle and Protest in the 20th Century
Anthony Seeger

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