Franke, Jörg

Tagungsband des 2. Kongresses Montage Handhabung Industrieroboter

Franke, Jörg - Tagungsband des 2. Kongresses Montage Handhabung Industrieroboter, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Development of a flexible special kinematics for the fully mechanized production of tubular nodes for offshore foundation structures
Hagen Herholz, Steffen Dryba, Mirko Gründler, Martin-Christoph Wanner

2. Enabling Domain Experts to Model and Execute Tasks in Flexible Human-Robot Teams
Dominik Riedelbauch, Tobias Werner, and Dominik Henrich

3. Virtual Testbeds for the Development of Sensor-Enabled Applications
Jörn Thieling, Jürgen Roßmann

4. Cloud-based Plant and Process Monitoring based on a Modular and Scalable Data Analytics Infrastructure
Ilja Maurer, Mauro Riva, Christian Hansen, Tobias Ortmaier

5. Normal Operation Input Signals for Parameter Estimation in Underactuated Structures
Gunnar Borchert, Jonas Diekmeyer, Konrad Bild, Annika Raatz

6. Joining Linked Micro Formed Parts through Tolerance Field Widening and Synchronization
Ann-Kathrin Onken, Patrick Rückert, Christian Perl, Kirsten Tracht

7. Combined Structural-Dimensional Synthesis of Robot Manipulators for Minimal Energy Consumption
Daniel Ramirez, Jens Kotlarski, Tobias Ortmaier

8. Development of a modular framework for contact force models
Tobias Osterloh, Jürgen Roßmann

9. Development of a Methodology for the Determination of Conceptual Automated Disassembly Systems
Julius Wolff, Torge Kolditz, Lutz Günther, Annika Raatz

10. Feature Recognition, Sub-Path Creation and Sequence Optimization in Systems for Processing of 2.5D Workpieces During Throughput
Denise Klose, Martin Ketels, Thorsten Schüppstuhl

11. Design and Evaluation of a Multi-Agent Software Architecture for Risk-Minimized Path Planning in Human-Robot Workcells
Tobias Werner, Dominik Riedelbauch, Dominik Henrich

12. Challenges of the Miniaturization in the Electronics Production on the example of 01005 Components
Jens Niemann, Stefan Härter, Christopher Kästle, Jörg Franke

13. Boundary Conditions in Handling of Microspheres Induced by Shape Deviation Constraints
Finn Meiners, Sebastian Hogreve, Kirsten Tracht

14. Continuous Digitalization of Rotationally Symmetrical Components With a Lateral Scanning White Light Interferometer
Sönke Bahr, Marc-André Otto, Tomas Domaschke, Thorsten Schüppstuhl

15. Towards a Mobile Robotic Assembly System Using a Compliant Robot
Ulrich Berger, Duc Tho Le, Wenchao Zou, Mayur Andulkar

16. Task-based Simulation Tool for Human-Robot Collaboration within Assembly Systems
Paul Glogowski, Kai Lemmerz, Lena Schulte, Andre Barthelmey, Alfred Hypki, Bernd Kuhlenkötter, Jochen Deuse

17. Centralized vs. decentralized storage of semantic definitions used for data exchange within the CAx toolchain
Matthias Bartelt, Bernd Kuhlenkötter

18. Behavior Trees for Task-Level Programming of Industrial Robots
Akos Csiszar, Martin Hoppe, Shahbaz A. Khader, Alexander Verl

19. Work Space Layout and Evaluation Using the Elbedome 2.0 Virtual Environment
Michael Schenk, Steffen Masik

20. Automated handling of high-temperature thermoplastic Carbon Fiber materials for a large-scale production
Johannes Graf, Christoph Richter, Gunther Reinhart

Keywords: Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools, Engineering Design, Simulation and Modeling, Machinery and Machine Elements

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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