III, Felix H. Savoie

Shoulder Instability Across the Life Span

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Table of contents

Part I. The Young Patient with Shoulder Instability (Age ^

1. Overview of the Spectrum of Instability in the Very Young: Evolving Concepts
A. B. Imhoff, K. Beitzel, A. Voss

2. Classification of Glenohumeral Instability: A Proposed Modification of the FEDS System
Kevin P. Shea

3. Genetics of the Unstable Shoulder
Carina Cohen, Paulo S. Belangero, Benno Ejnisman, Mariana F. Leal

4. Multidirectional Instability/Hyperlaxity of the Glenohumeral Joint
Felix H. Savoie, Enrique Salas, Michael O’Brien

5. Posterior Shoulder Instability in the Young Patient
Diana C. Patterson, Leesa M. Galatz

6. Management of Acute Shoulder Instability: Conservative Treatment
Rebecca A. Carr, Geoffrey D. Abrams

7. Arthroscopic Repair for Initial Anterior Dislocation
Robert A. Arciero, Andreas Voss

8. Management of Acute Shoulder Instability: The Combined Lax Shoulder with Added Acute Trauma
S. C. Petterson, A. M. Green, Kevin D. Plancher

9. Stabilization Options in the Adolescent: Open Bankart Repair
Stephen C. Weber

Part II. The Young Athletic High Risk Patient with Shoulder Instability (Age 18–30)

10. Spectrum of Instability in the Athletic Young Adult
K. Beitzel, A. B. Imhoff, A. Voss

11. Overview of Evaluation and Management of the Unstable Shoulder With and Without Bone Loss: Definition, Measurement, and Guidelines on Treatment
Eiji Itoi, Nobuyuki Yamamoto, Taku Hatta, Jun Kawakami

12. Arthroscopic Soft Tissue Repair: Bankart Repair and Remplissage Procedure
Jiwu Chen

13. Modified Open Bankart Repair and Capsular Shift for Recurrent Traumatic Anterior Shoulder Instability
Robert A. Arciero, Felix Dyrna

14. Humeral Avulsion of the Glenohumeral Ligaments (HAGL) in Shoulder Instability
Mark Ferguson

15. Open Coracoid Transfer: Indications, Technique, and Results
Giovanni Giacomo, Mark Ferguson

16. Arthroscopic Latarjet: Technique and Results
Emilio Calvo, María Valencia-Mora

17. Prevention of Complications of Bone Block Procedures: Latarjet
Kevin D. Plancher, Allison M. Green, Margaret A. Harvey, Stephanie C. Petterson

18. Posterior Instability of the Shoulder
Blandine Marion, André Thès, Philippe Hardy

19. Arthroscopic Repair of Extended Labral Tears After a Traumatic Shoulder Dislocation
Felix Dyrna, Jessica DiVenere, Augustus D. Mazzocca

Part III. Instability in the Middle Ages (Age 25–50)

20. Spectrum of Instability in the Middle-Age Range
A. B. Imhoff, K. Beitzel, A. Voss

21. The Association of Bankart and Rotator Cuff Tear in Patients Aged 25–50
Francesco Franceschi, Edoardo Franceschetti, Enrique Alberto Salas

22. SLAP
Carina Cohen, Bernardo Terra, Benno Ejnisman, Dan Guttmann, Andreas Voss

23. Biceps Injuries: What to Do and Where?
Stephen C. Weber

24. The Unstable and Painful Long Head of the Biceps
Juan P. Previgliano, Guillermo Arce

25. Subscapularis Tears and Instability
Geoffrey D. Abrams

26. Cartilage Defects
Julian Mehl, Knut Beitzel

Part IV. Instability in the “Older” Patient (Age >50)

27. Spectrum of Instability in the Older Patient
A. B. Imhoff, K. Beitzel, A. Voss

28. Acute RCT as a Part of Dislocation
Francesco Franceschi, Edoardo Franceschetti, Enrique Alberto Salas

29. Acute Dislocation Superimposed on Chronic RCT
Mike H. Baums

30. Dislocation Arthropathy of the Shoulder
María Valencia, Emilio Calvo

Part V. Miscellaneous Instability Topics in the Various Ages

31. Glenoid Fracture
Jean Michel Hovsepian, Felix Dyrna, Knut Beitzel

32. Locked Posterior Shoulder Dislocation (LPSD)
J. Pogorzelski, A. B. Imhoff

33. Chronic Locked Anterior and Posterior Dislocations
Felix H. Savoie, Michael O’Brien

34. Brachial Plexus Injuries and Rotator Cuff Tears with Dislocations
Kevin D. Plancher, Joseph Ajdinovich, Stephanie C. Petterson

Part VI. Complications

35. Complications After Instability Surgery
Andrew J. Sheean, Stephen S. Burkhart

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