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Sea – Wind – Power

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Table of contents

Part I. Construction, Operation, Measurement, Coordination

1. Metamorphoses of an Offshore Wind Farm
Björn Johnsen

2. Who, What, When, Why and Above All – Whereto?
Björn Johnsen

3. A Thousand Sensors, from the Blade Tip to the Bottom of the Sea
Kai Herklotz, Thomas Neumann, Wilhelm Heckmann, Hans-Peter Link

Part II. Foundation and Support Structures

4. A Firm Hold in Rough Seas
Raimund Rolfes, Moritz Häckell, Tanja Grießmann

5. Life Goes on
Raimund Rolfes, Tanja Grießmann

6. Please Avoid Tilting
Werner Rücker, Pablo Cuéllar, Steven Georgi, Krassimire Karabeliov, Matthias Baeßler

7. Uncharted Territory on the Seabed
Matthias Baeßler, Pablo Cuéllar, Steven Georgi, Krassimire Karabeliov, Werner Rücker

Part III. Turbine Technology and Monitoring

8. Long-Lived Despite Harsh Winds
Jan Kruse

9. Wind in the Blades
Jan Kruse

10. The Wiser Blade Knows When to Yield
Björn Johnsen

11. The ″Exclusively Offshore″ Wind Turbine
Gerrit Haake, Annette Hofmann

12. Shooting into the Wind with Laser Beams
Björn Johnsen

13. “Get Out of My Wind”
Björn Johnsen

14. The First Test for Offshore Turbines
Björn Johnsen

15. Load, Load Monitoring, and Load Reduction
Björn Johnsen

16. Different than Previously Assumed
Stefan Emeis

17. Sometimes It Almost Bubbles Like a Witches’ Cauldron
Stefan Emeis, Thomas Neumann, Richard Foreman, Beatriz Cañadillas

18. Artificial Intelligence and Automatic Self-Organisation
Stephan Oelker, Marco Lewandowski, Klaus-Dieter Thoben, Dirk Reinhold, Ingo Schlalos

19. Well, How are They Running?
Berthold Hahn, Stefan Faulstich, Volker Berkhout

Part IV. Grid Integration

20. Wind, the Wild Boy in the Power Plant Family
Arne Wessel, Sebastian Stock, Lüder von Bremen

Part V. Environment and Ecology

21. The most Important Environmental Project in a German Offshore Wind Farm
Anika Beiersdorf, Maria Boethling, Axel Binder, Kristin Blasche, Nico Nolte, Christian Dahlke

22. Much Hubble-Bubble About Nothing?
Raimund Rolfes, Jörg Rustemeier, Tanja Grießmann

23. Like the Din in a University Canteen
Michael Benesch, van Hermann Radecke

24. Out of Sight, out of Mind?
Gundula Hübner, Johannes Pohl

Part VI. Safety

25. When the Nautilus Struggles During a Dive
Raimund Rolfes, Moritz Fricke, Tanja Grießmann

26. A Bit too Much Salt of the Earth
Heiko Hinrichs, Thole Horstmann, Uta Kühne, Monika Mazur, Henry Seifert

27. SOS on Offshore Platform Seven
Christine Carius, Christoph Jacob, Martin Schultz

Keywords: Popular Science, Popular Science in Energy, Popular Science in Nature and Environment, Renewable and Green Energy

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