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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Ulf Neuling, Martin Kaltschmitt

Part I. Background

2. Past and Future Developments of the Global Air Traffic
Johannes Reichmuth, Peter Berster

3. Key Drivers and Technical Developments in Aviation
Kay Plötner

4. Potential of Fossil Kerosene
Karsten Wilbrand

5. Regulatory Framework of Global Aviation
Marian Paschke, Carina Lutter

Part II. Feedstock

6. Potentials of Biomass and Renewable Energy: The Question of Sustainable Availability
Arne Roth, Florian Riegel, Valentin Batteiger

7. World Markets for Cereal Crops
Verena Wolf, Jakob Dehoust, Martin Banse

8. World Markets for Vegetable Oils and Animal Fats
Thomas Mielke

9. Lignocellulosic Biomass
Anne Rödl

10. Waste as Resource
Christina Dornack, Axel Zentner, Antje Zehm

Jatropha curcas L. – An Alternative Oil Crop
Gregor Heinrich

12. Camelina – An Alternative Oil Crop
Margaret Campbell

13. “New” Oil Plants and Their Potential as Feedstock for Biokerosene Production
Thilo Zelt

14. Algae as a Potential Source of Biokerosene and Diesel – Opportunities and Challenges
Dominik Behrendt, Christina Schreiber, Christian Pfaff, Andreas Müller, Johan Grobbelaar, Ladislav Nedbal

15. Sustainability Aspects of Biokerosene
Benedikt Buchspies, Martin Kaltschmitt

16. Direct and Indirect Land Use Change
Katharina Plassmann

17. Sustainability Certification in the Aviation Industry
Andreas Feige, Lydia Pforte

Part III. Conversion Routes

18. Conversion Routes from Biomass to Biokerosene
Ulf Neuling, Martin Kaltschmitt

19. Biokerosene from Vegetable Oils – Technologies and Processes
Ulf Neuling, Martin Kaltschmitt

20. Biokerosene Production from Bio-Chemical and Thermo-Chemical Biomass Conversion and Subsequent Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Reinhard Rauch, Hermann Hofbauer, Ulf Neuling, Martin Kaltschmitt

21. Alcohol-to-Jet (AtJ)
Jan Pechstein, Ulf Neuling, Jan Gebauer, Martin Kaltschmitt

22. Fuels from Pyrolysis
Lisa Thormann, Patricia Pizarro de Oro

23. Hydrothermal Liquefaction: A Promising Pathway Towards Renewable Jet Fuel
Patrick Biller, Arne Roth

Part IV. Fuel Standards, Quality Control and Kerosene Markets

24. Aviation Biofuel Standards and Airworthiness Approval
Mark Rumizen

25. Blending of Synthetic Kerosene and Conventional Kerosene
Jan Pechstein, Alexander Zschocke

26. European Emissions Trading Scheme
Jan Pechstein

27. Sustainable Aviation Biofuels: Scenarios for Deployment
Ausilio Bauen, Lucy Nattrass

Part V. Experiences

28. Lufthansa Experiences Using Biokerosene
Alexander Zschocke

29. Market Commercialization of Alternative Aviation Fuels
Joachim Buse

Keywords: Energy, Renewable and Green Energy, Transportation, Renewable and Green Energy

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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