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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Globalization: Strategies and Effects
Bent Jesper Christensen, Carsten Kowalczyk

Part I. Search, Matching, and Globalization

2. Product and Labor Market Entry Costs, Underemployment and International Trade
Spiros Bougheas, Raymond Riezman

3. Offshoring, Mismatch, and Labor Market Outcomes
David M. Arseneau, Brendan Epstein

4. Good Times and Bad Times, with Endogenous Trade Policy Responses
T. Huw Edwards

Part II. Multinational Firms

5. Dynamic Capabilities and the Multinational Enterprise
David J. Teece

6. Determinants of the Firm’s Foreign Internalization Decision
Susanna Thede

7. Multinationals and Corruption: Business as Usual?
Ayça Tekin-Koru

8. Export Market Exit and Firm Survival: Theory and First Evidence
Sanne Hiller, Philipp J. H. Schröder, Allan Sørensen

9. Characteristics of International Trade Intermediaries and Their Location in the Supply Chain
Hale Utar

Part III. Financial Markets and Aggregate Fluctuations

10. Cyclical or Structural? Evidence on the Sources of U.S. Unemployment
Jinzhu Chen, Prakash Kannan, Prakash Loungani, Bharat Trehan

11. U.S. Treasury Auction Yields Before and During Quantitative Easing: Market Factors vs. Auction-Specific Factors
Catherine L. Mann, Oren Klachkin

12. Exchange Rate Volatility, Euro Effect and the Two Margins of Trade: Evidence from Monthly Trade Data
Florian Johannsen, Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso

13. Sovereign Debt and Austerity in the Euro Area: A View from North America
Anne O. Krueger

Part IV. International Integration and Migration

14. Possible Policy Responses to a Dark Side of the Integration of Regions and Nations
Oded Stark

15. Where Have All the Flowers Gone? The Locational Choice of High-Skilled Immigrants Within the EU-15 Countries: Some Empirical Evidence on the Roy-Borjas Model
Peter Nannestad

Part V. Globalization and Policy Issues

16. Which Conflicts Can the European Neighbourhood Policy Help Resolve?
Thorvaldur Gylfason, Per Magnus Wijkman

17. The European Union’s Role in the Development of Global Environmental Law
Ellen Margrethe Basse

18. Product Market Integration, Tax Distortions and Public Sector Size
Torben M. Andersen, Allan Sørensen

19. The WTO’s Effect on Trade: What You Give is What You Get
Tristan Kohl

Part VI. Globalization and Development

20. The Cycle of Development in Africa: A Story about the Power of Economic Ideas
Martin Paldam

21. Developing Globalization: How Japanese ODA Created Channels for Globalization Processes, 1954–2012
Annette Skovsted Hansen

22. Globalization and Female Labor Force Participation in Developing Countries: An Empirical (Re-)Assessment
Konstantin M. Wacker, Arusha Cooray, Isis Gaddis

Part VII. Globalization: What We Know and What We Would Like to Know

23. Business on Globalization—A Panel
Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, Keith Maskus, David Teece, Bent Jesper Christensen

24. Globalization: Some Reflections and the Road Ahead—A Panel
Avinash Dixit, Ronald W. Jones, Dale T. Mortensen, Carsten Kowalczyk

Keywords: Economics, International Economics, International Relations, Emerging Markets/Globalization, Entrepreneurship, Development Economics, Macroeconomics/Monetary Economics//Financial Economics

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