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Digital Marketplaces Unleashed

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Table of contents

Part I. Prefaces

1. Preface: Humans in Digital Marketplaces
Gerald Hüther

2. Preface: Digital Society? The Great Transformation21
Fredmund Malik

3. Preface: New Computing in Digital Marketplaces Unleashed
Florian Leibert

Part II. Introduction

4. Welcome to the Age of Spontaneous Business Models: Start Shaping or Be Shaped
Claudia Linnhoff-Popien, Ralf Schneider, Michael Zaddach

Part III. Digital Society

5. Preface: So Far, so Bad – the Complexity-Fear Dilemma in Cybersecurity and Its Lesson for Digitalization at Large
Sandro Gaycken

6. Valuation, Recognition, and Signaling in the Digital Public Sphere: the TED Talk Ranking Ecosystem
Heidi Gautschi, Gianluigi Viscusi

7. Consumers’ Digital Self-Determination: Everything Under Control?
Britta Krahn, Christian Rietz

8. Digitally Mature? Ready for the Digital Transformation?
Maik Romberg

9. Blockchain – the Case for Market Adoption of the Distributed Ledger
Marco Streng

10. ‘Local’ Is an Asset, Response Time Is Key: Lessons Learned from the Amiona St. Gallen Local Digital Marketplace
Mark Schleicher, Philipp Osl, Hubert Österle

11. How Large Corporations Survive Digitalization
Robert Jacobi, Ellena Brenner

Part IV. Individualized Digital Learning

12. Preface: Individualized Digital Learning
Kerstin Jeger

13. Corporate Learning in Upheaval
Rauthgundis Reck, Gunnar Jöns

14. Digitalization in Schools – Organization, Collaboration and Communication
Benno Rott, Chadly Marouane

15. The Unsung Power of Horizontal Grassroots
Aleksandra Solda-Zaccaro

16. The COMALAT Approach to Individualized E-Learning in Job-Specific Language Competences
Lefteris Angelis, Mahdi Bohlouli, Kiki Hatzistavrou, George Kakarontzas, Julian Lopez, Johannes Zenkert

Part V. Disruptive Technologies & Entrepreneurship

17. Preface: Reprogramming Your Corporate Immune System
Gerhard Hastreiter

18. How Corporations Can Win the Race Against Disruptive Startups
Lucas Sauberschwarz, Lysander Weiss

19. Smart Contracts – Blockchains in the Wings
Thomas Bocek, Burkhard Stiller

20. The Last Step Remains Analogue…
Joachim Kistner

21. Marketplace-Driven, Game-Changing IT Games to Address Complex, Costly Community Problems
J. Antão B. Moura, Marcelo A. Barros, Ruan P. Oliveira

22. Industrial Evolution and Disruptive Innovation: Theories, Evidence and Perspectives
Luigi Orsenigo

Part VI. Digital Business Outcomes

23. Preface: Digital Business Outcomes
Jan Zadak

24. Software Industrialisation – How to Industrialise Knowledge Work?
Josef Adersberger, Johannes Siedersleben

25. From Digital Retail to Real-Time Retail
Andreas Kranabitl, Robert Pikart

26. Privacy Preserving Personalization in Complex Ecosystems
Anders Andersen, Randi Karlsen

Part VII. Cognitive Systems

27. Cognitive Computing – the new Paradigm of the Digital World
Wolfgang Hildesheim

28. From Tweet to Chatbot – Content Management as a Core Competency for the Digital Evolution
Alexander W. Jonke, Jo Barbara Volkwein

29. The European Network and Information Security Directive – a Cornerstone of the Digital Single Market
Martin Schallbruch

30. The Future of Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics
Ali Reza Samanpour, André Ruegenberg, Robin Ahlers

31. How Banks Can Better Serve Their Customers Through Artificial Techniques
Armando Vieira, Attul Sehgal

Part VIII. Fin- & Insuretech

32. Preface: Fin- & Insuretech
Hartmut Mai

33. Fintech Hypes, but Wealthy Internet Savvy Investors Prefer to Stay Hybrid
Thomas Altenhain, Christoph Heinemann

34. The Digital Insurance – Facing Customer Expectation in a Rapidly Changing World
Michael Cebulsky, Jörg Günther, Peter Heidkamp, Falko Brinkmann

35. FinTech and Blockchain – Keep Bubbling? Or Better Get Real?
Nils Winkler, Björn Matthies

36. On the Quest to the Ultimate Digital Money
Helmut Scherzer

Part IX. Smart Traffic Hubs

37. Preface: Smart Traffic Hubs
Steve Lee

38. SmartPORT Traffic Hub – The Prospects for an Intermodal Port of the Future
Sebastian Saxe

39. An Overview of Technology, Benefits and Impact of Automated and Autonomous Driving on the Automotive Industry
Walter Brenner, Andreas Herrmann

40. Hub Airport 4.0 – How Frankfurt Airport Uses Predictive Analytics to Enhance Customer Experience and Drive Operational Excellence
Rolf Felkel, Dieter Steinmann, Frank Follert

Part X. Mobility Services

41. Preface: Beyond the Hood: the Development of Mobility Services in the Mobile Internet
Markus Heyn

42. Analyzing the Digital Society by Tracking Mobile Customer Devices
Lorenz Schauer

43. Improving Urban Transportation: an Open Plat-Form for Digital Mobility Services
Maximilian Schreieck, Christoph Pflügler, David Soto Setzke, Manuel Wiesche, Helmut Krcmar

44. Safety Belt for Pedestrians
Klaus David, Hendrik Berndt

45. The Impact of Indoor Navigation Systems for Public Malls – a Comprehensive Overview –
Karsten Weronek

Part XI. Industry 4.0

46. Preface: Industry 4.0
Robert Blackburn

47. The Challenge of Governing Digital Platform Ecosystems
Maximilian Schreieck, Andreas Hein, Manuel Wiesche, Helmut Krcmar

48. Transformation Not Completed – Identify Additional Business Opportunities by Digital Navigation
Karsten Schweichhart, Uwe Weber, Alexander Hildenbrand

49. The Data Science Lab at LMU Munich: Leveraging Knowledge Transfer, Implementing Collaborative Projects, and Promoting Future Data Science Talents
Thomas Seidl, Peer Kröger, Tobias Emrich, Matthias Schubert, Gregor Jossé, Florian Richter

50. Diagnosis as a Service
Franz Wotawa, Bernhard Peischl, Roxane Koitz

Part XII. Intelligent & Autonomous Enterprise

51. Preface: Intelligent & Autonomous Enterprise
Martin Hofmann, Stefan Meinzer

52. Successful Data Science Is a Communication Challenge
Martin Werner, Sebastian Feld

53. The Future of Currency in the Direct Markets of Tomorrow – or: a Blueprint for a World Without Money
Maxim Roubintchik

54. Digital Business Outcomes: Digital Innovation and Its Contribution to Corporate Development
Hans Rösch, Stefan Schumacher

55. Don’t Lose Control, Stay up to Date: Automated Runtime Quality Engineering
Thomas Gabor, Marie Kiermeier, Lenz Belzner

Part XIII. Big Data and Analytics

56. Preface: Big Data and Analytics
Rolf Schumann

57. Unlocking the Doors of Frankfurt Airport’s Digital Marketplace: How Fraport’s Smart Data Lab Manages to Create Value from Data and to Change the Airport’s Way of Thinking
Katharina Schüller, Christian Wrobel

58. The Digitization Dilemma of Europe’s Non-Profit Organizations: Software as a Service to the Rescue!
Florian Fuchs, Michael Liebmann, Frank Thelen

59. Consumer Journey Analytics in the Context of Data Privacy and Ethics
Andreas Braun, Gemma Garriga

60. On the Need of Opening the Big Data Landscape to Everyone: Challenges and New Trends
Rubén Salado-Cid, Aurora Ramírez, José Raúl Romero

Part XIV. Cloud Technologies

61. Preface: the “Cloud Way” to Digital Transformation and New Business Models
Sabine Bendiek

62. Data Virtualization: a Standardized Front Door to Company-Wide Data Opens the Way for (Digital) Business Success
Christian Kurze, Michael Schopp, Paul Moxon

63. The Cloud Native Stack: Building Cloud Applications as Google Does
Josef Adersberger, Johannes Siedersleben

64. The Forecast Is Cloud – Aspects of Cloud Computing in the Broadcast Industry
Klaus Illgner-Fehns, Rainer Schäfer, Madeleine Keltsch, Peter Altendorf, Gordana Polanec-Kutija, Aylin Vogl

65. Data & IT Security, a Challenge for the Cloud Computing Trend
Ralf Rieken

Part XV. Internet of Things

66. Preface: Internet of Things
Goodarz Mahbobi

67. Cloud Technologies – May ‘Fog Computing’ Help out the Traditional Cloud and Pave the Way to 5G Networks
Robert Iberl, Rolf Schillinger

68. A Generic Model for Coordinating the Individual Energy Demand of Electric Vehicles: Optimizing the Coordination Problem Between Electric Vehicles and Charging Points with the Implementation of a Genetic Algorithm
Malte Zuch, Arne Koschel, Andreas Hausotter

69. A Secure and Efficient Communication Tool
Matteo Cagnazzo, Patrick Wegner, Norbert Pohlmann

70. City as a Service and City On-Demand – New concepts for intelligent urban development
Georg Klassen, Martin Buske

71. Personal Applications in the Internet of Things Through Visual End-User Programming
Yannis Valsamakis, Anthony Savidis

Part XVI. Global Challenges – Local Solutions

72. Preface: Global Meets Local
Daniel Hartert

73. Energy Is Essential, but Utilities? Digitalization: What Does It Mean for the Energy Sector?
Ines Varela

74. Harnessing the Digital Marketplace in India: Revolutionary Growth, Challenges and Opportunities
L. L. Ramachandran, M. P. Sebastian, R. Radhakrishna Pillai

75. Digital Revolution, High-Speed Democracy and the Brave New Working World: Learnings from an Austrian Public Online Consultation Process
Peter Reichl, Andreas Kovar

76. Build It and It Will Disrupt: a National Broadband Platform to Fuel New Zealand’s Digital Economy
Fernando Beltrán

Part XVII. Active Cyber Defense

77. Securing the Opportunities of the Digitized Economy
Yuval Diskin

78. Black Market Value of Patient Data
Christina Czeschik

79. Enabling Cyber Sovereignty: with Knowledge, Not with National Products
Christian Schläger, André Ebert, Andy Mattausch, Michael Beck

80. Smart Authentication, Identification and Digital Signatures as Foundation for the Next Generation of Eco Systems
Markus Hertlein, Pascal Manaras, Norbert Pohlmann

81. Implications of Vulnerable Internet Infrastructure
Haya Shulman

Keywords: Computer Science, Special Purpose and Application-Based Systems, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet), e-Commerce/e-business, Market Research/Competitive Intelligence, Emerging Markets/Globalization, Computer Applications

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