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Orthopedics in Disasters

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Table of contents

Part I. General Overview of Disaster and Mass Casualties Management: Organization

1. Introduction
Nikolaj Wolfson

2. Epidemiology and History of Natural Disasters and Mass Casualties
Sakal Kiv, Nathan Douthit, Avram Shack, Seema Biswas

3. Warfare Medicine: Historical Perspectives
Katarina Silverplats

4. Emergency Medical Services
Robert Dudgeon

5. Treatment Capabilities of Field Hospitals at War and Mass-Casualty Disasters
Vladislav Dvoyris, Yitshak Kreiss, Tarif Bader

6. Role of Government and NGOs
Emily Ying Yang Chan, Wilson Li

7. Civilian Hospital Role in Mass Casualty Event (MCE)
A. Khoury, Michael Halberthal, Gila Hymes, Liora Utitz, Shimon M. Reisner, Rami Mosheiff, Meir Liebergal

8. Individual Preparedness in Disaster Response
Wilson Li, Anthony Redmond

9. Orthopedic Equipment Needs in Disaster Setting
Punto Dewo, Nikolaj Wolfson, Brendon Drew

Part II. General Overview of Disaster and Mass Casualties Management: Orthopedic Injuries of Specific Event Types

10. Traumatic Injuries During Earthquakes
William Henry Boyce, S. A. Saravanan, Nikolaj Wolfson

11. Tsunami and Flood
Taikoh Dohjima, Katsuji Shimizu

12. Nuclear Disasters
Hironobu Tokunaga

13. Orthopedic Injuries in Transportation Disasters
Khaled Emara, Mohamed Al Kersh

14. Terror-Related Trauma
Asaf Acker, Dan Atar

Part III. Treatment of Orthopaedic Injuries: General Treatment Principles

15. Battlefield Triage
S. Rigal, F. Pons

16. Fluid Resuscitation in Mass Casualty Incident
Hany Bahouth, Shirley Or-Haim, Offir Ben-Ishay, James Frydman, Yoram Kluger

17. Transfusion Service and Blood Banking in Natural Disasters
Eldad J. Dann

18. Diagnostic Imaging in Mass Casualty Events
Sameer Jain, Peter V. Giannoudis

19. Mass Casualties and Damage Control Orthopedics
Philipp Mommsen, Christian Macke, Christian Krettek

20. Prevention of Infection in Open Fractures in Mass Disasters
Efthymios Papasoulis, Charalampos G. Zalavras, Michael J. Patzakis

21. Primary Skeletal Stabilization and Role of External Fixations
Alexander Lerner, Nikolaj Wolfson, William Henry Boice, Arshak E. Mirzoyan

22. Crush Injury and Crush Syndrome in an Earthquake Disaster Zone
N. Daniel Reis, Ori S. Better

23. Wound Care: From Primary Debridement to Final Reconstruction
Brian M. Parrett, Michael C. Laliberte

24. Vascular Injuries and Replantation
David S. Kauvar

25. Blast and Fragment Injuries of the Musculoskeletal System
D. C. Covey, James R. Ficke

26. The Role of the Anesthesiologist in the Response to Mass Casualty Catastrophic Events
Jack M. Berger, Vladimir Zelman, Rodolfo Amaya

Part IV. Treatment of Orthopaedic Injuries: Specific Orthopaedic Injuries

27. Hand and Wrist Injuries
Ping-Chung Leung, Kwong-Sui Leung, Leung-Kim Hung

28. Management of Mangled Extremities
Shanmuganathan Rajasekaran, S. Raja Sabapathy

29. Limb Salvage: Lower Extremity
Gerald E. Wozasek, Lukas Zak

30. Foot and Ankle Trauma: From the Crush to the Missed and Neglected Injuries
Justin Robbins, James A Nunley, Ian Alexander, Nikolaj Wolfson

31. Spine Injuries in Mass Casualties
Evalina L. Burger, V. V. Patel

32. Pelvic and Acetabular Trauma
Marcel Winkelmann, Sebastian Decker, Christian Krettek

33. Amputations in Disasters
Nikolaj Wolfson, Moris Topaz, Alexander Lerner, Eric S. Weinstein

34. Nonunion and Osteomyelitis Following Fractures
Mehmet Kocaoglu, I. Levent Eralp, F. Erkal Bilen

Part V. Treatment of Orthopaedic Injuries: Pediatric Injuries

35. An Overview: Pediatric Trauma During Natural and Man-Made Disasters
Leonid M. Roshal

36. Pediatric Trauma in Earthquakes: General Principles of Care in Pediatric Trauma During Earthquakes
Olga Karaseva, Leonid M. Roshal

37. Anesthesiology and Resuscitation in Children During Earthquakes
V. Amcheslavsky, V. Bagaev, Leonid M. Roshal

38. Medical Care for Children with Skeletal Injuries After Earthquakes
Razmik Keshishian, Leonid Puzhitsky, Denis Basargin, Sergei Nikishov, Denis Ratin, Leonid M. Roshal

39. Crush Syndrome in Children
Leonid M. Roshal, Razmik Keshishian, Valeriy A. Mitish, Olga Karaseva

40. Amputations in Children with Severe Trauma
Valeriy A. Mitish, Leonid M. Roshal, Pavel Medinskiy

41. Spine Trauma in Children in Earthquakes
O. Iskhakov, S. Mescheryakov, Leonid M. Roshal

42. Severe Fractures and Pediatric Orthopedic Trauma in Disasters and Mass Casualties
Keith D. Baldwin, John P. Dormans

Part VI. Treatment of Orthopaedic Injuries: Continuation of Care

43. Prosthetic Rehabilitation in Disaster Areas
Israel Dudkiewicz, Nimrod Rozen, Michael Heim

44. Education and Training in War Surgery and Disaster Management
Seema Biswas, Molly Sonenkler, Nathan Douthit, Sakal Kiv, Nikolaj Wolfson

45. Terminology and Resources for Disaster Orthopedics
Nikolaj Wolfson, Guhanand Venkataraman

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Surgical Orthopedics, Traumatic Surgery, Emergency Medicine

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