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Autonomous Driving

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Markus Maurer

2. Use Cases for Autonomous Driving
Walther Wachenfeld, Hermann Winner, J. Chris Gerdes, Barbara Lenz, Markus Maurer, Sven Beiker, Eva Fraedrich, Thomas Winkle

Part I. Man and Machine

3. Automated Driving in Its Social, Historical and Cultural Contexts
Fabian Kröger

4. Why Ethics Matters for Autonomous Cars
Patrick Lin

5. Implementable Ethics for Autonomous Vehicles
J. Christian Gerdes, Sarah M. Thornton

6. The Interaction Between Humans and Autonomous Agents
Ingo Wolf

7. Communication and Communication Problems Between Autonomous Vehicles and Human Drivers
Berthold Färber

Part II. Mobility

8. Autonomous Driving—Political, Legal, Social, and Sustainability Dimensions
Miranda A. Schreurs, Sibyl D. Steuwer

9. New Mobility Concepts and Autonomous Driving: The Potential for Change
Barbara Lenz, Eva Fraedrich

10. Deployment Scenarios for Vehicles with Higher-Order Automation
Sven Beiker

11. Autonomous Driving and Urban Land Use
Dirk Heinrichs

12. Automated Vehicles and Automated Driving from a Demand Modeling Perspective
Rita Cyganski

13. Effects of Autonomous Driving on the Vehicle Concept
Hermann Winner, Walther Wachenfeld

14. Implementation of an Automated Mobility-on-Demand System
Sven Beiker

Part III. Traffic

15. Traffic Control and Traffic Management in a Transportation System with Autonomous Vehicles
Peter Wagner

16. The Effect of Autonomous Vehicles on Traffic
Bernhard Friedrich

17. Safety Benefits of Automated Vehicles: Extended Findings from Accident Research for Development, Validation and Testing
Thomas Winkle

18. Autonomous Vehicles and Autonomous Driving in Freight Transport
Heike Flämig

19. Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand Systems for Future Urban Mobility
Marco Pavone

Part IV. Safety and Security

20. Predicting of Machine Perception for Automated Driving
Klaus Dietmayer

21. The Release of Autonomous Vehicles
Walther Wachenfeld, Hermann Winner

22. Do Autonomous Vehicles Learn?
Walther Wachenfeld, Hermann Winner

23. Safety Concept for Autonomous Vehicles
Andreas Reschka

24. Opportunities and Risks Associated with Collecting and Making Usable Additional Data
Kai Rannenberg

Part V. Law and Liability

25. Fundamental and Special Legal Questions for Autonomous Vehicles
Tom Michael Gasser

26. Product Liability Issues in the U.S. and Associated Risk Management
Stephen S. Wu

27. Regulation and the Risk of Inaction
Bryant Walker Smith

28. Development and Approval of Automated Vehicles: Considerations of Technical, Legal, and Economic Risks
Thomas Winkle

Part VI. Acceptance

29. Societal and Individual Acceptance of Autonomous Driving
Eva Fraedrich, Barbara Lenz

30. Societal Risk Constellations for Autonomous Driving. Analysis, Historical Context and Assessment
Armin Grunwald

31. Taking a Drive, Hitching a Ride: Autonomous Driving and Car Usage
Eva Fraedrich, Barbara Lenz

32. Consumer Perceptions of Automated Driving Technologies: An Examination of Use Cases and Branding Strategies
David M. Woisetschläger

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Engineering Design, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Innovation/Technology Management

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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