Beyerer, Jürgen

Machine Learning for Cyber Physical Systems

Beyerer, Jürgen - Machine Learning for Cyber Physical Systems, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Development of a Cyber-Physical System based on selective Gaussian naïve Bayes model for a self-predict laser surface heat treatment process control
Javier Diaz, Concha Bielza, Jose L. Ocaña, Pedro Larrañaga

2. Evidence Grid Based Information Fusion for Semantic Classifiers in Dynamic Sensor Networks
Timo Korthals, Thilo Krause, Ulrich Rückert

3. Forecasting Cellular Connectivity for Cyber-Physical Systems: A Machine Learning Approach
Christoph Ide, Michael Nick, Dennis Kaulbars, Christian Wietfeld

4. Towards Optimized Machine Operations by Cloud Integrated Condition Estimation
C. Brecher, M Obdenbusch, W. Herfs

5. Prognostics Health Management System based on Hybrid Model to Predict Failures of a Planetary Gear Transmission
Adrian Cubillo, Suresh Perinpanayagam, Marcos Rodriguez, Ignacio Collantes, Jeroen Vermeulen

6. Evaluation of Model-Based Condition Monitoring Systems in Industrial Application Cases
S. Windmann, J. Eickmeyer, F. Jungbluth, J. Badinger, O. Niggemann

7. Towards a novel learning assistant for networked automation systems
Yongheng Wang, Michael Weyrich

8. Efficient Image Processing System for an Industrial Machine Learning Task
Kristijan Vukovic, Kristina Simonis, Helene Dörksen, Volker Lohweg

9. Efficient engineering in special purpose machinery through automated control code synthesis based on a functional categorisation
Tobias Helbig, Steffen Henning, Johannes Hoos

10. Kognitive Architektur zum Konzeptlernen in technischen Systemen
Alexander Diedrich, Andreas Bunte, Alexander Maier, Oliver Niggemann

11. Implementation and Comparison of Cluster-Based PSO Extensions in Hybrid Settings with Efficient Approximation
André Mueß, Jens Weber, Raphael-Elias Reisch, Benjamin Jurke

12. Machine-specific Approach for Automatic Classification of Cutting Process Efficiency
Christian Walther, Frank Beneke, Luise Merbach, Hubertus Siebald, Oliver Hensel, Jochen Huster

13. Meta-analysis of Maintenance Knowledge Assets Towards Predictive Cost Controlling of Cyber Physical Production Systems
Fazel Ansari, Madjid Fathi

14. Towards Autonomously Navigating and Cooperating Vehicles in Cyber-Physical Production Systems
Adrian Böckenkamp, Frank Weichert, Jonas Stenzel, Dennis Lünsch

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Management

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Technologien für die intelligente Automation
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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