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Advances in Ergonomic Design of Systems, Products and Processes

Bruder, Ralph - Advances in Ergonomic Design of Systems, Products and Processes, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Design of Work Systems

1. Assessment of the Individual Work Organization During a Service Provision
Sven Tackenberg, Sönke Duckwitz, Julia Seibold, Christopher M. Schlick

2. Assessing and Increasing Innovativeness of SMEs in the Context of Their Demographic Development
Stefan Wassmann, Claudia Kramer, Sonja Schmicker, Barbara Deml, Sarina Töpperwien, Marcel Förster

3. The Quality Culture Inventory (QCI): An Instrument Assessing Quality-Related Aspects of Work
Christine Sattler, Karlheinz Sonntag, Katja Götzen

4. Team Work and Leadership in an Aging Workforce: Results of an Intervention Project
Franziska Jungmann, Frank Hilgenberg, Susanne Porzelt, Michael Fischbach, Jürgen Wegge

5. Beneficial Effects of Servant Leadership on Short- and Long-Term Indicators of Employees’ Psychological Health
Wladislaw Rivkin, Klaus-Helmut Schmidt

6. Time Management Requirements for Holistic Working Time Organisation
Patricia Stock

7. Money Is Not Everything! Or: The Importance of Working Time Characteristics and Appreciation for the Recommendation of One’s Own Driving Profession
Patricia Tegtmeier, Ulrike Hellert, Bianca Krol

8. Analyzing Motivation-Enhancing Features in Work Orders
Ralf Kassirra, Herbert Rausch

9. Disability for Service in Public Transport Operations: Risk Factors and Interventions
Martina Bockelmann, Anna Arlinghaus, Friedhelm Nachreiner

10. Approaches to Strengthen Behavioral Prevention in a German Medium-Sized Enterprise
Lisa Rücker, Johannes Brombach

11. Recreational Noise: Objective Measurement and Subjective Assessment of Sound Exposures in a Non-professional Symphonic Wind Orchestra
Mario Penzkofer, Florian Finé, Karsten Kluth

12. Effects of an Exercise Intervention on Metabolism and Quality of Life in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus
Andree Hillebrecht, Pascal Bauer, Torsten Frech, Rüdiger Walscheid, Silvia Linnenweber, Deborah Wyss, Claudia Barthelmes, Karsten Krüger, Gerd Willmund, Frank-C. Mooren, Reinhard Nöring, Sven Zeißler

Part II. Design of Products

13. An Integrated Approach of Mental Workload Assessment
Marc Schneider, Barbara Deml

14. Analysis of Dynamic Performance Data for the Assessment of Cognitive States: Results from Aviation, Assembly Tasks and Maritime Transportation
Marcus Arenius, Jürgen Klippert, Georgios Athanassiou, Oliver Sträter

15. Effect of Head Inclination on Neck Muscular Activity, Tracking Performance and Subjective Neck Strain: Visual and Biomechanical Conditions for Designing the Computer Workstation
Wolfgang Jaschinski, Alwin Luttmann, Matthias Jäger

16. The Influence of Glasses on the Physiology and Ergonomics in Presbyopic People at Visual Display Workstations: Summary of Three Studies
Mirjam König, Wolfgang Jaschinski

17. Display Concepts for the Vehicle
Verena Knott, Stefan Demmelmair, Klaus Bengler

18. User-Centered Design of Font Size and Polarity of Assistance Systems in Production Planning and Control
Jochen Nelles, Sinem Kuz, Christopher M. Schlick

19. Measuring Work Environment Factors by Everyone Using Smartphones
Michael Spitzhirn, Torsten Merkel, Angelika C. Bullinger

20. Integration of Eyetracking-Data into Virtual 3D-Development Tools
Kai Bürkle, Martin Schmauder

21. Experimental Comparison of Sidestick Steering Configurations for an Innovative Electric Two-wheel Vehicle
Benjamin Strenge, Stefan Sieburg, Ludger Schmidt

22. Development and Evaluation of an Input Method Using Virtual Hand Models for Pointing to Spatial Objects in a Stereoscopic Desktop Environment with a Fitts’ Pointing Task
Ronald Meyer, Jennifer Bützler, Jeronimo Dzaack, Christopher M. Schlick

23. Effects of Pressure and Vibration Stimuli on the Usability of Human-Machine Systems
Matti Schwalk, Thomas Maier

24. Force-Matching. A New Approach to Determine Action Forces for the Ergonomic Evaluation in Automotive Industry
Benjamin Franzke, Mario Walther

Part III. Design of Processes

25. Boundary Management as a Crucial Success Factor for Flexible-Mobile Work, Demonstrated in the Case of Home Office
Leila Gisin, Hartmut Schulze, Barbara Degenhardt

26. Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Simone Brandstädter, Karlheinz Sonntag

27. Simulation-Based Scheduling and Risk Assessment of Complex Projects Under Uncertainty
Sebastian Terstegen, Andreas Petz, Christopher M. Schlick, Sönke Duckwitz

28. Empowering Corporate Ageing Management by Interconnecting Existing Data: A Case Study from the German Automotive Industry
Michaela Kugler, Andrea Sinn-Behrendt, Ralph Bruder, Grete Baumann, Lene Hodek, Mathilde Niehaus

29. Consequences of Line Balancing of an Assembly Line on the Health, Satisfaction and Performance Indicators of Assembly Line Workers in a Case Study of an Automotive Manufacturer
Johanna Büttner, Barbara Deml, Sebastian Neveling

30. Sustainable Effects of Simulator-Based Training on Eco-Driving
Cornelia Lüderitz, Maria Wirzberger, Katja Karrer-Gauss

Keywords: Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Occupational Medicine/Industrial Medicine, Human Resource Management, Organizational Studies, Economic Sociology, Industrial, Organisational and Economic Psychology

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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