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International Textbook of Aesthetic Surgery

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction to Aesthetic Surgery

1. The Concept of Beauty in Different Cultures
Fernando Ortiz Monasterio

2. Is There a Frontier Between Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery?
Daniel Marchac

3. Indications, Psychological Issues and Selection of Patients in Aesthetic Surgery
Nicolò Scuderi, Bryant A. Toth, Stephen P. Daane, Diego Ribuffo

4. How to Manage an Aesthetic Surgery Practice
Karen Evind

5. Photography in Plastic Surgery
Maurizio Valeriani, Francesco S. Madonna Terracina

6. Anaesthesia in Cosmetic Surgery: European Prospective
Pierangelo Marco, Gianni Sampietro, Riccardo Bellucci

7. Anesthesia for the Cosmetic Patient: An American Perspective
A. Roderick Forbes

8. Post-operative Pain Therapy
Gabriele Finco, Gian Nicola Aru, Mario Musu

9. The American Legal System
Neal R. Reisman, Gerald F. Kaplan, Steven M. Gonzalez

Part II. The Breast

10. History of Aesthetic Breast Surgery
Thomas M. Biggs

11. Augmentation Mastoplasty
Andrea Grisotti, Massimo Callegari, Domenico Fazio

12. Cosmetic Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting
Daniel Vecchio, Roger Khouri

13. Mastopexy Without Implants
Louis Benelli, Michele Pascone, Charles Benelli

14. Mastopexy with Implants
Francesco Stagno D’Alcontres, Flavia Lupo, Gabriele Delia, Michele R. Colonna

15. Secondary Breast Augmentation
Pietro Berrino

16. Inverted-T Scar Reduction Mammoplasty
Michele Pascone, Andrea Armenio

17. Vertical Breast Reduction
Diego Ribuffo, Matteo Atzeni, Francesco Serratore

18. Gigantomastia
Francesco Moschella, Adriana Cordova, Francesca Toia

19. Aesthetic Surgery for Breast Asymmetry
L. Franklyn Elliott, J. Nicolas Mclean

20. Tuberous Breast: Different Morphological Types and Corresponding Correction Flaps
Egle Muti

21. Gynecomastia
Carlo Cavina

22. Reoperative Aesthetic Breast Surgery
James C. Grotting, Michael S. Hanemann

Part III. Trunk and Extremities

23. History of Aesthetic Surgery of the Trunk and the Extremities
Giovanni Benedetto, Davide Talevi, Luca Grassetti, Aldo Bertani

24. Aesthetic Abdominoplasty
Carlo D’Aniello, Giuseppe Nisi

25. Evolution of Lipoplasty Then, Now, and the Future
Peter B. Fodor

26. Tridimensional Liposculpture
Marco Gasparotti, Paolo Iannitelli

27. Lipoabdominoplasty: Saldanha’s Technique
Osvaldo R. Saldanha, Sérgio F. D. Azevedo, Octávio A. L. Luz, Osvaldo R. Saldanha Filho, Cristianna B. Saldanha

28. Lipofilling and Correction of Postliposuction Deformities
K. Ning Chang

29. Plastic Surgery in Massive Weight Loss Patients
Dennis J. Hurwitz, Siamak Agha-Mohammadi

30. Brachioplasty
Richard J. Zienowicz, Erik A. Hoy

31. Hand Rejuvenation
Cristina Spalvieri, Francesco Brunelli

32. Medial Dermolipectomy of the Thigh
Flavio Saccomanno

33. Gluteoplasty
Constantino Mendieta

34. Male Genital Aesthetic Surgery
Giovanni Alei, Piero Letizia, Lavinia Alei

35. Aesthetic Surgery of the Female Genitalia
Malcolm A. Lesavoy, Catherine Huang Begovic

36. Ancillary Nonsurgical Treatments: Trunk and Abdomen
David S. Chang

Part IV. The Scalp

37. General Concepts and Indications
Marco Toscani, Mariangela Ciotti

38. Hair Transplantation
Marco Toscani, Mariangela Ciotti

39. Scalp Reduction
Martin G. Unger, Marco Toscani

40. Skin Extenders
Ciro Sio, Marco Toscani

41. The Suture of Nordstrom
Manfredi Greco, Tiziana Vitagliano, Rolf E. A. Nordstrom

Part V. The Nose

42. Historical Overview of Rhinoplasty
Carmine Alfano, Salvatore Cristo

43. Basic Rhinoplasty
Carmine Alfano, Stefania Tenna, Virginia Ciaravolo, Antonio Rusciani, Stefano Chiummariello

44. Septoplasty and Treatment of Turbinate Hypertrophy
Andrea Gallo, Giulio Pagliuca, Salvatore Martellucci

45. Full- and Semi-open Rhinoplasty
H. Holmstrom

46. Secondary Rhinoplasty
Ronald P. Gruber, Kamakshi Zeidler, Drew Davis

47. Rhinoplasty in Patients with Malformations of the Head and Neck
Gian Vittorio Campus, Carmine Alfano, Federico Gado

48. The Twisted Nose
Wolfgang Gubisch, J. Eichhorn-Sens

49. Profiloplasty
Carlo Cavina

Part VI. The Eyelids

50. History of Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery
Isabella C. Mazzola

51. Anatomy of the Orbitopalpebral Region
Paolo Persichetti, Stefania Tenna, Annalisa Cogliandro

52. Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty
Bryant A. Toth, Stephen P. Daane

53. Asian Upper Blepharoplasty
Hop Le

54. Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty
Kristin A. Boehm, Foad Nahai

55. Blepharoplasty: Minimally Invasive Approach
Nicolò Scuderi, Luca A. Dessy

56. Lateral Canthal Surgery in Blepharoplasty
Glenn W. Jelks, Elizabeth B. Jelks

57. Complications of Aesthetic Blepharoplasty and Revisional Surgeries
Richard D. Lisman, Christopher I. Zoumalan

Part VII. The Ear

58. Otoplasty
Corrado Rubino, Francesco Farace, Pietro Mulas

Part VIII. The Face: Surgical Treatment

59. History of Facial Rejuvenation
Riccardo F. Mazzola, Isabella C. Mazzola

60. The Aging Face
Bryan C. Mendelson, Justin X. O’Brien

61. Forehead and Brow Rejuvenation
Erik A. Hoy, Benjamin Z. Phillips, Patrick K. Sullivan

62. Suspension Techniques in Aesthetic Surgery of the Face
Ithamar Stocchero

63. Rejuvenation of the Midface
Brunno Ristow

64. The Minimal Access Cranial Suspension (MACS) Lift
Marco Mazzocchi, Nicolò Scuderi

65. The Suprazygomatic (High SMAS) Facelift
Bryant A. Toth

66. Surgical Treatment of Ageing in the Neck
Mario Pelle Ceravolo

67. Reoperative Surgery of the Face
Bruce F. Connell, Michael J. Sundine

68. Suspension Sutures
Franco R. Perego

69. 3D Facial Volumization with Anatomic Alloplastic Implants
Edward O. Terino

70. Facial Lipofilling
Domenico Fazio, Laura Barberi

71. Cheiloplastics
Flavio Saccomanno

Part IX. The Face: Non-surgical Treatment

72. Botulinum Toxin: BOTOX®
Ina A. Nevdakh, Bryant A. Toth, Stephen P. Daane

73. Filler
M. Greco, T. Vitagliano, A. Greto Ciriaco

74. Chemical Peel
A. Tedeschi, D. Massimino, G. Fabbrocini, G. Micali

75. Advances in Facial Plastic Rejuvenation with Ablative Laser Technology: Can Clinical Results Be Tailored Based on Histology Effects?
Mario A. Trelles

76. Laser Resurfacing
Franco R. Perego

77. Intense Pulsed Light Systems
M. G. Onesti, P. Fioramonti

78. Lasers and Intense Light Systems as Adjunctive Techniques in Functional and Aesthetic Surgery
Mario A. Trelles

79. Noninvasive Physical Treatments in Facial Rejuvenation
Luca A. Dessy

80. Mechanic Resurfacing, Needling, Dermoabrasion and Microdermoabrasion
Nevena Skroza, Ilaria Proietti, Concetta Potenza, Luca A. Dessy

81. Antiaging Cosmeceuticals
Lily Talakoub, Isaac M. Neuhaus, Siegrid S. Yu

Part X. The Future

82. Preventive Medicine and Healthy Longevity: Basis for Sustainable Anti-Aging Strategies
Giovanni Scapagnini, Calogero Caruso, Giovanni Spera

83. Anti-Aging: An Overview
Alfred P. Yoon, Stephen P. Daane, Bryant A. Toth, Ina A. Nevdakh

84. Aesthetic Regenerative Surgery
Claudio Calabrese, Tulc Tiryaki, N. Findikli, D. Tiryaki

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Plastic Surgery

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
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