Liebl, Johannes

Netzintegration der Elektromobilität 2017

Liebl, Johannes - Netzintegration der Elektromobilität 2017, ebook


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Table of contents

1. NEW Volkswagen – the MEB shaping the future of integrated e-mobility
Christian Senger

2. Electric mobility, renewable energies and climate protection – challenges for our infrastructures
Volker Blandow

3. Transformation of the German energy and transport sector – a national analysis
Oliver Arnhold, Marlon Fleck, Kathrin Goldammer, Fabian Grüger, Oliver Hoch, Birgit Schachler

4. Climate benefit from electromobility: Will it happen automatically? Insights from the BMUB project ‘Ensuring climate benefit from electromobility’
Peter Kasten, Joß Bracker, Florian Hacker, Christof Timpe

5. Impact of different charging strategies for electric vehicles on their grid integration
Mathias Müller, Florian Samweber, Peter Leidl

6. Ultra fast charging – motivation, challenges and infrastructure requirements
Daniel Gleyzes, S. Hell, M. Göhring, H. Seifert, T. Aigle

7. Integration of distributed flexibility into the power system – requirements and needs of the transmission grid
Axel Kießling

8. Grid integration of conductive and inductive high-power charging systems
Bernd Engel, J. Wussow, J. Mummel

9. The aggregator as a missing link on the flexibility market
Karsten Miede

10. EV smart grid integration with mobile smart meters – a technical solution to a commercial problem
Knut Hechtfischer

11. Benefits of e-mobility for cross-sector energy management
Ulrich Schmack, Sabrina Weithmann

12. Renewable energies for electric mobility – an integrated solution for the electric transport of the future
Jens Winkler, A. Beekmann

13. Interoperability between charging infrastructure and electric vehicle
Ursel Willrett

14. Smart charging management for fleets and car pools
Benjamin Kowatsch, D. Großmann

15. Customer experience and sector linkage – Why a holistic view is crucial for the success of electric mobility
Klaus Baumgärtner

16. Sector coupling in smart homes in an ‘All Electric Society’
Detlef Beister

17. BMW Digital Charging Service – the intelligent way to charge
Simon Mareski, Willibald Prestl, Cüneyt Türel

18. Together we can build a smart charging ecosystem
Frank Geerts, Baerte de Brey

19. Electromobility in China – a development pathway to climate protection, sustainable transportation and economic strength
Sandra Retzer

20. Electric mobility in Japan – an European perspective
Hartmut Stiller

21. Tagungsbericht – 2. Internationale ATZ-Fachtagung Netzintegration der Elektromobilität
Markus Schöttle

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Engine Technology

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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