Liebl, Johannes

Der Antrieb von morgen 2017

Liebl, Johannes - Der Antrieb von morgen 2017, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Strategic optimization of powertrain technology portfolios by means of market simulation
Nils Robert Neumann, Jan Bavendiek, Lutz Eckstein

2. Design of battery electric vehicles in accordance with legal standards and manufacturers’ and customers’ requirements
Fabian Schüppel, Michael Schlüter, Jan Gacnik

3. 48V - Where to place the e-machine?
Thomas Pels, Vitali Davydov, Raimund Ellinger, Carsten Kaup, Wolfgang Schöffmann

4. Synthesis of various hybrid drive systems
Andreas Englisch, Thomas Pfund, Dierk Reitz, Emmanuel Simon, Florian Kolb

5. Tailored diesel engines for electrical propulsion systems or tailored electrification for future diesel powertrains
Thomas Körfer, Bastian Holderbaum, David Blanco-Rodriguez, Giovanni Vagnoni, Markus Eisenbarth

6. The intelligent operating strategy of the Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
Daniel Görke, Jochen Strenkert, Stefan Schmiedler, Tobias Schürmann, Lukas Engbroks

7. Thermal management of a fuel cell range-extended electric vehicle
Johannes Höflinger, Peter Hofmann

8. Highly fuel-efficient transmission and propulsion concepts
Ferit Küçükay, Lin Li, Andreas Lange

9. Innovative electric motors for the future electric powertrain
Peter Fischer, Martin Braun, Stephan Usbeck, Ralf Schmid

10. Protection for HV battery systems – humidity control
Michael Harenbrock, Jürgen Kosicki, Stefan Kunze

11. Battery-electric vehicle efficiency potential assessment and thermal aging investigation
Alessandro Colla, Tomaž Katrašnik, Konstantin Walter, Franz Diwoky

12. Synthesis of electrified drive systems
Hendrik Piechottka, Sebastian Grams, Axel Sturm, Ferit Küçükay

13. The interaction between tribology and emissions under real driving conditions (RDE)
Christian Lensch-Franzen, J. Hadler, M Gohl, J. Becker, T. Mink, J. Wang

14. Real-time capable model environment for developing and testing hybrid and battery electric vehicles
Christian Donn, Valerie Bensch

15. Dynamic downsizing gasoline demonstrator
Mike Bassett, Jonathan Hall, Tony Cains, Stephen Borman, Simon Reader

16. Potential of the hybrid operating modes of the plug-in hybrid powertrain concept ‘Two-Drive Transmission with Range Extender’ (DE-REX)
Sebastian Fischer, Andreas Viehmann, Ruben König, Christian Beidl, Stephan Rinderknecht

17. Tagungsbericht
Martin Westerhoff

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Engine Technology

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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