Siebenpfeiffer, Wolfgang

Heavy-Duty-, On- und Off-Highway-Motoren 2016

Siebenpfeiffer, Wolfgang - Heavy-Duty-, On- und Off-Highway-Motoren 2016, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The new MAN D26 marine engine for yachts and workboats
Stefan Löser, Bernd Huneke, Johannes Kleesattel, Martin Zundel

2. Development of a new generation of GE’s Jenbacher type 6 gas engines
Jürgen Lang, Peter Schäffert, Robert Böwing, Sandro Rivellini, Fabrizio Nota, Johann Klausner

3. Lean-burn direct injection natural gas engine control for transient applications
Panagiotis Katranitsas, Andrew Auld, Adam Gurr, Anthony Truscott

4. Prediction of burn rate, knocking and cycle-to-cycle variations of methane / hydrogen mixtures in stoichiometric and lean engine operation conditions
S. Hann, L. Urban, Michael Grill, M. Bargende

5. Analysis of the influence of different common rail injector concepts on injection and mixture formation in a high-pressure / high-temperature spray chamber and a single cylinder research engine
Martin Drescher, Fabian Pinkert, Bert Buchholz

6. Enabling Stage III B engines (< 56 kW) for Stage V by SMF®-AR
Dominik Lamotte, Klaus Schrewe, Thomas Gornik

7. PM reduction over vanadium SCR
Alexander Feiling, Christian Beidl

8. Analysis of field-aged and artificially aged SCR catalysts for model development
Robert Bank, Uwe Etzien, Bert Buchholz, Georg Töpfer, Adrian Troeger, Horst Harndorf

9. Applying CAE technology to the medium-speed four-stroke engine development methodology at Niigata
Toshiyuki Saito, Satoru Goto

10. New MAHLE steel piston and pin coating system for reduced TCO of CV engines
Marco Maurizi, Daniel Hrdina

11. New ABB turbocharger series for large high-speed diesel engines

Michael Gisiger, Tobias Gwehenberger

12. Aspects of the development and application of ported fuel injection valves in large engines
Peter Christiner, Markus Schmitzberger, Claudia Gasselsdorfer, Christoph Kammerer, Michael Köhler

13. Potential for CO2 reduction on a heavy-duty diesel engine for on-road applications: experimental investigations
Jonathan Borg, Wolfgang Gstrein, Harald Fessler, Philippe Zimmermann

14. Optimization of oil mist separation within the complete crankcase ventilation system
Stefan Ruppel, Daniel Schatz, Michael Wöhler, Alfred Elsäßer

15. A catalytic evaporation process for in-cylinder soot and NOx reduction in internal combustion engines
Robert Szolak, Ivica Kraljevic, Florian Rümmele, Alexander Susdorf, Eric Alexander Morales Wiemer, Achim Schaadt, Jan Boekelmann

16. Investigation of a ‘SCR-free’ system to meet the Stage IV and beyond emissions limits
Paolo Gatti, Simon Fagg, Richard Cornwell, Federico Millo, Giulio Boccardo, Daniele Porcu, Stefano Manelli, Christian Capiluppi, Andrea Marinoni

17. Developing a 55+ BTE Commercial Heavy-Duty Opposed-Piston Engine Without a Waste Heat Recovery System
Neerav Abani, Michael Chiang, Isaac Thomas, Nishit Nagar, Rodrigo Zermeno, Gerhard Regner

18. Tagungsbericht
Andreas Fuchs

Keywords: Engineering, Engine Technology, Automotive Engineering

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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