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Advances in Advertising Research VIII

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Table of contents

1. A Τypology of Minimalism in Advertising
Kostoula Margariti, Christina Boutsouki, Leonidas Hatzithomas, Yorgos Zotos

2. Article or Ad? Readers’ Recognition and Evaluations of Native Advertisements on Online News Websites
Simone Krouwer, Karolien Poels

3. Can Advertisers Benefit from the Name-Letter- and Birthday-Number Effect?
Barbara Keller, Heribert Gierl

4. Can Disclosures Aid Children’s Recognition of TV and Website Advertising?
Ini Vanwesenbeeck, Suzanna J. Opree, Tim Smits

5. Do Online Reviews Affect Customers Differently When They Are Actually Read?
Ewa Maslowska, Edward C. Malthouse, Vijay Viswanathan

6. Don’t Disturb the Dead: Consumers’ Attitude toward Promotional Messages on Post-Mortem Facebook Pages
Benjamin Boeuf, Jessica Darveau

7. Effects of Brand Placement Disclosures: An Eye Tracking Study Into the Effects Of Disclosures and the Moderating Role of Brand Familiarity
Anneroos R. Smink, Eva A. Reijmersdal, Sophie C. Boerman

8. External and Internal Context in the Coherence of Advertisement: An Empirical Study on the Affect to the Ad and Brand
Alicja Grochowska, Andrzej Falkowski

9. Facial Expressions to Evaluate Advertising: A Laboratory versus Living Room Study
Jose Manuel Ausin, Jaime Guixeres, Enrique Bigné, Mariano Alcañiz

10. High and Light, Dark and Heavy? Using Metaphoric Associations to Affect Perceptions of the Nutritional Content of Food Products
Stefan Thomas, Heribert Gierl

11. In Arabic, English, or a Mix? Egyptian Consumers’ Response to Language Choice in Product Advertisements, and the Role of Language Attitudes
Andreu Hooft, Frank Meurs, Danique Spierts

12. In the Beginning Was the Word: Establishing the Foundations for Creativity Research in Rhetoric Theory
Alexander Tevi, Scott Koslow

13. Increasing Co-Product Evaluations by Using Integrative Logos
Antonia Kraus, Heribert Gierl

14. Investigating the Influence of Musical Congruity in Higher Education Advertising: A Genre Congruity Perspective
Morteza Abolhasani, Steve Oakes

15. Media Multitasking and the Role of Task Relevance in Background Advertising Processing
Edith G. Smit, Claire M. Segijn, Wendalin Giessen, Verena M. Wottrich, Lisa Vandeberg, Hilde A. M. Voorveld

16. Nothing Beats Quality? The Influence of Consumer Testing Signs on the Evaluation of Print Ads
Carina Havlicek, Eva Marckhgott

17. Partnership in the Forefront: Advertising Agencies’ Roles and Business Clients’ Loyalty
Maja Arslanagic-Kalajdzic, Vesna Zabkar

18. Reflection of Values-Practices Inconsistency in Advertising from Finland
Salman Saleem, Jorma Larimo

19. Salient Appeals in Advertising Promoting Breast Self-Examination and Mammography Examination
Fanny V. Dobrenova, Sonja Grabner-Kräuter, Sandra Diehl, Ralf Terlutter

20. Should She Hold It or Should She Eat It? The Efficient Pose of Testimonials to Improve Perceptions of Tastiness of Food Products
Martina Manouras, Heribert Gierl

21. When Risk Communication Messages Should Be Assertive: Differentiating the Moderating Effects of Perceived Issue Importance and Perceived Susceptibility
Marina Isabel Wieluch

Keywords: Business and Management, Marketing

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European Advertising Academy
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