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Table of contents

1. Natural Highs: Timbre and Chills in Electronic Dance Music
Nino Auricchio

2. The Monkey is Amused to Death: Roger Waters’ Masterpiece and its Commercial Failure
Navid Bargrizan

3. Popular Music Studies in the Context of Post-Communist Historiography in the Czech Republic
Jan Blüml

4. Popular Music Analysis and Social Semiotics: The Case of the Reggae Voice
Benjamin Burkhart

5. The Presentation of the Self in the Popular Song
Pedro Cesar Pires

6. “Chinese Got Talent”: Popular Music Singing Competitions in Taiwan and China
Ya-Hui Cheng

7. Unpacking Performance in the Pop-Rock Biopic
Maurizio Corbella

8. From Earth Angel to Electric Lucifer: Castrati, Doo Wop and the Vocoder
Virginia Dellenbaugh

9. Crowdfunding is Not for Everybody: Performance in the Art of Asking
Beatriz Medeiros, Natalia Dias

10. When I’m (Not) ‘Ere
Stan Erraught

11. Binaurality, Stereophony, and Popular Music in the 1960s and 1970s
Franco Fabbri

12. Adele’s Hello: Harmonic Ambiguity & Modal Inflection in Contemporary Pop
Grant Davidson Ford

13. Mapping Popular Music Studies in Turkey Onto Studies in the Anglophone World
Ali C. Gedik

14. Power and Resistance in Iranian Popular Music
Amin Hashemi

15. ‘Gear Acquisition Syndrome’ – A Survey of Electric Guitar Players
Jan-Peter Herbst

16. Performing Disorder
Peter Hinrichs, Oleg Pronitschew

17. From Psychedelia to Djent – Progressive Genres as a Paradox of Pop Culture
Andrzej Mądro

18. The Resonances of Political Disputes in Hong Kong China – Case Studies of Canto-pop
Ivy Man

19. African Manifestations in Brazil: The Crioula Drum Dance
Regina Meirelles

Mach Schau!: The Contribution of The Beatles to the Development of Visual Music in Magical Mystery Tour
Emilio Mendoza Guardia

21. Shaping the pancadão: Improvisation and Studio Creativity on Rio Funk Independent Recordings from the Early 1990s
Alexei Michailowsky

22. “What Difference Does it Make?” Studying Urban Popular Music from Before the Generalization of the Gramophone: The Example of the First World War Repertoire
John Mullen

23. Hearing Sexism – Analyzing Discrimination in Sound
L. J. Müller

24. Genre Modulation as Sectional Divider
Taylor Myers

25. Groenemeyer – A Case Study on Situative Singing Styles
Hendrik Neubauer, Tobias Marx

26. The Music of Samba Schools: A Challenge for Popular Music Studies
Yuri Prado

27. Who said we were over it? On Nationalist Nostalgia and a Specter Haunting Europe: Popular Music and the Melancholic Presence of the Past
Melanie Schiller

28. What Lessons can Higher Popular Music Education Learn from Art School Pedagogy?
Simon Strange

29. Global Patchbay: Developing Popular Music Expertise Through International Collaboration
Mark Thorley, Gerhard Roux

30. Musicology of Listening – New Ways to Hear and Understand the Musical Past
Martha Ulhôa

Keywords: Cultural and Media Studies, Music, Cultural Studies, Media Sociology

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Systematische Musikwissenschaft
Art, Art History
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